Bravo Zulu

Amazing. Although one passenger was killed, Captain Shults was able to land her crippled 737 and save the lives of the other 147 souls on board.


Wanna hear an awesome pilot story from WW2?
There was an American pilot who jumped out of his plane and shot down another plane with an M1911.

‘Nerves of Steel’ is a pretty cliche thing to hear for stories like this, but it’s absolutely true. I heard the audio of her call with air traffic control… calm doesn’t even begin to describe it! There were two explosions, loss of cabin pressure, and the plane pitched something like 40º on its side… and when the controller asked if the plane was on fire, she’s all “nah, it’s not on fire… but part of it’s missing.” Said while righting the plane, choosing a mid-atlantic airport to land at, and handling whatever other pilot-y technicalities pilots do. Impressive.


“This is fine”

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