Brand Spanking New Guild Azerath!

Hello Friends! My name is Nathan, or the TheDarkestWisp, and i am the leader of a guild called Azerath (AZE). We are a brand new guild im trying to build from scratch (just accepted our first member today!) and hope i can make it blossom into a thriving community of people who want to hang out and play with each other. We are a semi competitive guild, putting hope in our players to play, rather than requiring fame or instilling activity timers. I aim to keep this guild friendly, playful, and loving, while also kicking a ton of ass (can i say that on here? :D) ((BTW! Discord is guild only :slight_smile: ))
Reqs for joining:
-Discord (along with discord activity)
-An interview must be held (by me obvi :slight_smile: )
Thats it! If anyone is interested, please join this discord! Cant wait to meet all of you!

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