BR tier list 3.0


People still play this mode…?

I gotta get that 5 hero chest somehow

Its the only good brawl mode left


You’ve ought to play against more Rare Talent Flickers. Then you will begin to see how oppressive that talent is in BR. Simply step within his range and you’ve got hundreds of base damage coming your way.

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aw c’mon 30 chars…

Hmmm… Insta win…
So it means if both team consist of Celeste, Kestrel, Skaarf, … they will create a paradox?

Since it is INSTAWIN!

But he succ wen outranged

Those in succ can be good or bad depending on the matchup, or strong in very specific situations. If you get grumpjaw and your matchup allows you to proc that double A with his rare talent, hes op af. Flicker is strong if you dont have anyone outranging you, and both his rare and epic are strong. Forts rare gives him the range of ardans epic, and hes good for diving heroes with a tankt aftershock build. Zozo is good if theres nobody stopping him from bouncing infinite times etc. Ogay and above tier heroes are good heroes to have in every situation, while succ heroes heavily depend on the matchup. Succ mor succ mor

I find blitz to be better. The randomness of Battle Royal is annoying.

5v5 baddle royal wennnnnnnnnnnnnn

pls no. it’s the only thing left of 3v3.

Blitz with random heroes would be good for 3v3 then BR for 5v5

Saw is the easiest instawin with rare talent, number 1 on instawins. Dunno why u put him into 2nd group. Koshka is easy win with epic talent.

So With kestrel which talent is best to use.

I played with a weapon Kestrel with legendary talent, she was unstoppable… I’d say that one or Active Camo (epic)



thirtyyy chaaarrsss