Bot taunts you?

Kestrel went AFK and a bot replaced her.
the other guy ( reza) i was playing with probably didn’t realized that and ended up dying and the bot did a smiley face and thus began the ping spam.

is this literally the case every time someone dies when playing with a bot? it was quite clear that reza ended up frustrated.
probably wont hurt to make the bot shut up or just make player afk. this seems like a toxic behavior for no reason.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that in order to try to make the bots appear more “human” they ping smiles from time to time – unfortunately they are triggered unpredictably and sometimes hilariously inappropriately. I can easily imagine someone getting triggered if they didn’t recognize that the pings were coming from a bot player.


ahem, after a long and intense study of ‘bots’ i have deduced that in order to promote a more positive in-game environment they will produce ‘encouragemnet’ pings, such as when you die or respawn, to try and remove your misery from having been such a fool as to end up dead. However, due to flaws in human wiring the ‘happy’ emoticons are perceived as ‘sarcastic’ which makes the already-abashed corpse feel worse. My remedy is TOTAL REMOVAL OF ALL COMMUNICATION INGAME.

Thank you.


Enemy turret goes down - smiley face
Enemy killed - thumbs up
Ally killed - sad face
Ult on either side is used - Either smiley face or sad face, depending on the ult, sometimes doesn’t trigger at all

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Plot twist the dev that programmed the Ai is a rage pinger in game


Wait, so you mean your teammate died (reza) and then your other teammate (robot kestrel) pinged one of these: :happy:?

There was a kraken steal (from the enemy side) somewhere between, don’t remember after or before.

No enemy turrets were down by that time.
Using Ultimate might have been the cause and since you are saying it triggers smiley face.
This explains thing but boy that got me confused.

As with all regarding bots, the smiles/pings they did were tons better in 3vs3.

Lmao. I think i might ragequit if bots on my team started seeming like they were rude pinging me. I think that’s the last straw there.

A bot blocked my atlas once. It was a :stunnedpikachu: moment for me.

Maybe most triggering though is the magic elastic Phinn Bot hook though. Ever seen that one?

Definitely not in my experience, I played a LOT of casuals back in the day so I’d inevitably be placed with low tiers a lot who naturally tend to AFK quite often. The bots back then were perhaps the most tilting aspect of the game for me.

Their modus operandi: rush in 1v3, white ping me, white ping themselves. :slight_smile: Another nifty trick - they’d step into enemy turret range, get targeted by the turret, then aimlessly move side to side while getting turret hits until they died. Bots also used to cheer ping when you lose a turret for some reason, and thumbs up EVERY TIME you got a kill…

I find the bots more intuitive now. Smiley face after they ult is kinda cute imo :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind of on topic, I recently saw a video where they made an AI that beat top DotA 2 pros in 1v1s. Technology like that truly fascinates me!

I only played with bots in bot match (all bots) and didn’t play casual games - only ranked. Dunno how they behaved in the casual games.