Blizzard announces Overwatch 2

Ehhh Im a little skeptical.

I love Overwatch (sombra main btw) but the trailer has me feeling like this is just a big update/dlc instead of a new game…

Also has the interface (discourse) always been black?

It’s supposed to be a new game, but all of the PvP content (heroes and maps) is supposed to come to the original as well. So far, they’ve only said the PvE content is 2 only.


What @DIMTI said — OW2 will feature much more PvE/cooperative content in addition to all the PvP maps/modes from OW. All of the models, maps, textures, effects, etc. are being updated for OW2.

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Ahhh I see now. Thx :spring_ok_3:

I’m rather quite excited for this, I like the archives event of overwatch and so seeing them have so much more pve and somewhat lore is cool, the price will be something to question but this is all still cool and great plus new mode, maps and heroes to come when it’s released, excited overwatch news!

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