Blitz payed to win?

so I have been arguing with someone on discord and he says its not payed to win and I say it is. What is everyone else’s opinions on this situation?

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s not even debatable… those with better talents win, easiest way to get best talents is to buy them.


right? this guy argues that it isnt pay to win then pulls in paying pros is like pay to win, like wtf.

Is the sun bright?

of course…


lol right?
30 characters stuff

It is both play, and pay to win which are both equally bad. One rewards grinding VG, the other rewards spending money on the game. When you fight a high level talent the means in which the person got it doesn’t matter, they have an advantage you don’t have.


its a very grey area. technically glory can be farmed, and talent drops are quite high. But it is a very long grind, so Yes, the best way to get talents is to pay for them.

I don’t think you’re going to get a straight definitive answer.

I’ve been playing blitz for years and over the years have found almost every talent from just playing or using glory.

I would say having them is great but when you hit 2200 peoples level of talents are sky high. So, I don’t think it has a huge impact until you hit 2k. It defiantly helps. lol.

actually, its not that simple.

if you play a lot of blitz games, you will ALWAYS end up with a 50% win rate over time. the only influence high talent levels have is that you will end up with a higher blitz score.

the real problems caused by the talents:

  • if you used your one high levelled/op talent to rise up in blitz, you might find it hard to find success with any other hero or talent, as you cant hold up without it against your enemies.

  • talents cant be balanced

  • all talents turn into a pure buff, once you reach a high enough level. if you cant upgrade your talent to that level, its sometimes better to not use it at all

  • most talents are pure damage buffs in form of a multiplier. that means that every bit of gold you spend in damage is getting you more value than someone else gets with a lower level. those multipliers can differ vastly from hero to hero. think of it as some heroes starting with a higher gold amount and getting more gold than you throughout the game. this up hill battle isnt that fun for anyone looking for a casual game.

  • talents create a very oppressing meta that does not seem to change, as semc can not balance them (if a hero you spend 2 weeks grinding falls out of the meta its not as frustrating as a talent you spend hundreds of bucks or several months to level up to become weak).
    this leads to players sticking to the strong heroes and talents, thus levelling up those talents faster than any other talent, thus players sticking even more to their high level meta stuff and forcing other players to do the same.

  • high levelled talents make it really easy to take the turrets and the miner. they are worth way too much for how easy they are to kill. one bad fight turns into a 6 point lead instantly.
    my idea: the first turret is worth 2 points, the miner is worth 2 points+ 1 point, if there is an enemy corpse nearby when he is killed
    turret def depends on the overall talent levels in the game
    jungle sentries are slightly weaker


Honestly it isn’t when you talk about blitz only it is pretty balanced out by the ranking system. Those with less talents are going into the lower rank because of the lack of talents and or skill. Now if you talk about battle Royal it really is p2w

Technically it isn’t but with ranking blitz it allows it to happen keeping talent whales higher tier due to a higher win percentage while those who aren’t fall into a lower tier. At first I thought the ranked blitz was off until I thought about how talents are

Are Grace and Fort the best captains SEMC ever made?



They answer is yes. However, your ranking will go up and you will be put with other people who have high talents.(And most likely spent money on talents) So it ends up not being as P2W as people think it is.

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Except for battle royal which is chaoz

Wait wait wait, this sounds wrong, real wrong since your talent is low but your skill is high and you got paired up with who I would call “Rich kids”, it’s clearly P2W.

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Not really when you take account the rich kids you are paired with aren’t mechanically skilled otherwise they would be higher in rank than someone without buying talents. Plus usaully by the time a player is that skilled the only thing glory is useful for is talents and new heros(new heros aren’t an everyday thing and can only be bought from ice at first)

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Weird ways to spell Lorelai and Lyra, but I understand what you’re getting at.

lol I forgot about skill level in blitz. But you’d think that you get matched against those people, they go and and you go down and there would be a small ‘gap’ between the two. But I don’t play a lot of blitz and so when I do I rarely come across those people. But it is for sure P2W.

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Even though you can earn through grinding it’s still p2w. The fastest way to get talents at higher levels is paying real money. Its basically the same thing that happened with battlefront two except SEMC isn’t a huge company like EA so they can actually get away with it

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At least heroes are realistically obtainable, unlike in BF2 prepatch granted the free heroes patch for BF2 was 100% forced bc they straight up ruined a part of the gaming community