Blitz: NOT Pay-to-win

The most frequent complaint I’ve heard regarding blitz over the past several seasons has been that it’s “p2w” or has a p2w element. Given the changes SEMC made to VG a few seasons back, adding up to 500 levels, and all level progression rewarding glory and talents, I feel that it’s now made Blitz no longer a pay to win mode. It’s simply a grind it out mode.

If your beef with Blitz is that you just don’t like talents, I get it. I strongly feel the argument for it being a pay to win mode holds far less weight now. You can easily build talents with 5 heroes that you enjoy playing through the daily talent quest. Every time you grow a level (which isn’t hard), you’re rewarded with 500+ (and a big plus depending on your level) :glory: and every 4th and 5th level you’re rewarded with a significant haul of talents.

Yes, one can still spend a ridiculous amount of :moneybag: on glory, to then purchase your mere 60 rare talent coins from the shop (once you get high enough levels, that isn’t much of a dent in the level progress), but I feel Blitz is a far more fair game mode with the new level and reward progression system.

Note: I’m not saying I like the current UI, level and rewarwd progression system, but in regards to Blitz, it did have a positive impact.


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Agreed. In theory. It’s still p2w. Facing a max lvl talent or good talent when you don’t have one as strong is still hell. Only difference now is you can actually grind your way up quite easily.

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Just because you can grind it doesn’t mean is not p2w. P2W is anything that gives advantage by investing money, and you can obviously upgrade your talents way faster with money, so still P2W.

Note: one of the main complains is how unbalanced are talents too, not just the P2W factor.

Edit: I guess the title should say “Blitz: NOT PAY to win” instead of PLAY

I’d agree with that. Yes, paying gets you progress faster, but it doesn’t give you something the other can never have. Someone who doesn’t pay anything can eventually catch up and level the talents. Especially with the new account level progression, one can now obtain glory and talents faster than ever before without paying

I will say that the fact that blitz is ranked makes it somewhat fairer in general as someone who pays to max their talents will usually shoot up in the ranks if they have adequate skill, but I gotta disagree with you on this one man, it’s pay to win until you get to that point where you have some good high level talents, and no amount of grind is gonna change that.

You could say it’s not pay to win EVENTUALLY, but pit two newcomers to the game and the guy with the cash is usually gonna spank the guy without even if they’re both fresh starters. Just how it goes.

You can level up talents with the daily talents chest and the chests you get from leveling up or you can use real money to unlock talent chests. Having the ability to grind out talents for free doesnt change the fact that someone can simply max them out in one go using his credit card hence why they’re pay to win. Either way the real complaint is not the pay 2 win aspect of talents but more that talents are a thing in the first place, what ruins the fun for most people is playing against someone with a clear advantage whether that player grinded that advantage for free or not doesnt matter.


Totally agree. Again, this post is specific to the “pay to win” element.

I’m not sure how one can max a talent in “one go”, @TheInterpreter. In the standard market, you can buy 60 rare talent coins, for example. Let’s say it’s a day where it happens to be the rare talent you want… For where I am currently with some of my talents, that maybe gives me 10-20% progress and costs 36600 :glory: , which translates roughly to 4600 :ice:, which translates to at least $30.00. Now, there are constantly specials going on that can provide a cheaper route.

So, yes, it can be pay to advance, but you’ve got to spend significant cash to expedite talents quickly.

Overall, the better skilled player wins, from my experience. Once your talents get to certain levels, there’s not much of a difference from say, a level 4 gwen epic to a level 7 gwen epic, or a level 12 catherine rare to a level 16.

I’m not so naive as to say that money can’t help provide greater boosts to your heroes in this mode, but it takes a significant investment (imo), and the game now offers SO many freebies for glory and talents, that there’s almost no need/advantage to spend that money, making it have a minimal impact.

Yeah but you are defending that by playing you can win, however the title says that blitz is no longer PLAY to win instead of PAY, don’t know if you understand what I’m trading to say.

Oh… My… God. Of all the typos I’ve made, this may be the worst. The topic title is supposed to be PAY… good grief. I’ll edit that. :man_facepalming:

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I didn’t change it because I was not sure, so I decided to ask :upside_down_face:

Wait wait @Lebatron O.o I didn’t say you could max it in one go o.O @Sandiha did. lol. Though it’s somewhat implied. The fact still remains that, as others have said, if you have two players who just start the game and one of them has the cash to be unlocking talent coins or buying them up on deals and gets really good talents, then they simply have a clear advantage usually. I’m fairly talented myself at this game but going against a maxed talent kestrel still makes my life hell, and I have lots of good talents. Imagine if you only had, say, a warhawk rare, vs that? And just because you have to spend significant amounts of cash sometimes doesn’t make it better, because yes someone by chance could get a good talent without spending money but they’re still restricted to the grind. It’s still pay 2 win no matter how randomized the chance is. It’s pay to win because higher levels of talents give you advantages period. I mean you can just buy glory and buy out all the coins for that day. You max talents out faster and have a higher level. There’s no systemic way you can really say it isn’t pay to win unless you remove the ability to buy advantage altogether.

Say for example they removed the ability to buy talent coins and made you grind no matter what to level them, BUT you could spend money to increase the chance of unlocking talents in the first place, similar to unlocking skins. That would be somewhat less p2w than it is now. But nope, that’s not what we got.