[Blitz] Double Support SAW vs Double Support Kensei

Early game SAW killed me a total of three times in a row… But… Kensei is a little op late game (does blitz even have early game :thinking:)
I didn’t see much of my support due to me lurking in the jungle for a minute, then ganking everything away on lane.

Kudos to SAW, I seriously didn’t think I’d win after getting killed thrice

Kensei is broken af rn. Mobility, damage, cc and health sustaining.
patch 3.4 nerfs didn’t do anything


He’s so broken that he could potentially solo ace an entire team and get away with it.


When in doubt, call @Nivmett .


I did solo ace an entire team once. I first took out both carries, then I brought peace to Krul. It was this match(Yes I screenshot every victory)

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Yea. Once in 5v5 I 1v5ed the entire team as kensei. First took out both carries then the jglers. I was really low. Finally reim was last but my barrier was huge cuz he built tank and he couldn’t do any damage to finish me off. Honestly SEMC need to nerf his damage ratios.

They do. Be patient for the next balance change