Blank screen in hero select

I have been experiencing tgis bug a lot. When ever I accept a match, rather than going to hero select I just stare at a black screen. Now before this update I just used to exit the app and reopen it to get back in hero select and this worked out pretty much every time. But in this update when I reopen the app it wont go to hero select. Its not only frustrating for me but also 9 others players in hero select who are waiting for me to select something. I wish that SMEC could please fix this.

You should try powering off your device for a bit and also restarting your router.

You need to let all your systems sort of re-calibrate, and it should stop happening.


I’d have to agree with VideoVillain – that’s almost always a network issue of some sort. I run into it mostly on poor public wifi networks.

(Btw, hi, VideoVillain! Good to see you round these parts!)


It happened to me a few times.
It almost always happens when someone dodges at hero select and you get thrown back to “searching screen” for a split second before being shown the Accept/decline screen for another game. And then it goes black this time in hero select.

I have done all sorts of stuff from restarting router to even applying a new rom ro my phone but it doesn’t help. Anyways thanks for replying.

You should lodge a support ticket at vainglory website regarding your issue. maybe they can help you . Since this kind of abnormality happened with you in previous updates also, it could be something related to your device specification too apart from being a network issue.

This bug is a network issue and often happens when the communication drops during hero selection. VG doesn’t have the best error recovery when it comes to network latency issues or straight up connection drops in many cases.

If you’re seeing it a lot, it could be an issue with your ISP. Don’t look at bandwidth, but rather latency (your netcode). If your netcode is bouncing all over the place, you likely found the culprit. Games need strong netcode, which means even if their bandwidth isn’t great (games don’t really need that fast of an internet connection) it won’t affect your gaming in the least. Usually it’s hard to find ISPs that care about netcode. They usually promote bandwidth (download speeds) but route your packets through junk (i.e., cheapset) switches.

If you can’t get back into a match, toggle Airplane mode on and off. Or if you’re on Android, disable and re-enable your wifi. You don’t actually have to restart your device. This will reset the connection between your device and VG. For me personally, this always fixes black screens or being stuck at loading with your hero’s splash art.

It won’t fix the reoccurrence of the black screen however. For that, you will have to look at your own network. You should delve deeper and check your latency. The easiest way is to pull up the game mode screen and watch your ping (in MS) for a few minutes. If it keeps jumping around too much, then you know your network is the problem. Mine stays around 30 with dips up to 40 every minute or so. It’s not the greatest but people play on far worse.

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Thanks for help. I will definitely try it out. Man my country has shit internet.

Sounds like my country. :thinking: