Black Screen right after queue

I enter queue, everyone hits the ready button then as the screen goes to transition im stuck in black screen, no hero select sound effect or anything.

Im on a sony xperia ultra, had this problem once before but that was months ago. Im using LTE not wifi.

I dont want to keep trying to get into a game because last tine i did and had this problem i got hit with a nice little thing called LPQ for dodging the matches that i was trying to play but couldnt because black screen

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I’m disappointed because I know this is not a connection issue.
I’ven seen this complains in facebook groups and here too and this happened to me too.
SEMC have to do something because we’re punished with LPQ and it’s unfair.
If a problem shows in too many players in different places of the world or servers, ofc the game is the problem.


Have you contacted semc through the support site?

No havent had the chance yet
Im at college so ill have to do it some time later

This is a recurring problem that’s been very difficult to track down, from what I’ve gleaned from talking with SEMC support folks. Their engineers suspect it’s a combination of several issues, which is why it doesn’t happen all the time and is difficult for them to reproduce.

As has been discussed elsewhere, their network code likely needs an overhaul.

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Well that’s been a known thing to us players