Bird Heroes (Lorelai 24/2/18)

  • Adagio Pigeon
  • Blackfeather Frigate bird

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Pigeon Adagio

Here’s a piece I created in one hour and 30 minutes. I wanted to draw a hero as an animal, don’t know why really, possibly it’s because I drew Lance as a bird before, and wasn’t too happy with a result, so I wanted to try again using different heroes. @BobRoss (Flicker) told me to draw Adagio, and I used an animal randomizer, and it picked a pigeon, so I sketched out a pigeon, added some Adagio features (mainly from his Seraphim skin) such as the halo, the blue pants, and the breastplate. I really like it mainly because it’s colorful and the pencil lines make it messy yet nice.


Frigate bird Blackfeather

I asked Flicker for a hero and an animal and he gave me the frigate bird and Blackfeather. I wanted to add more features of the hero, so I added the whole suit. The beak is gray to resemble his sword, and I made the red pouch to resemble like a heart. This took four hours to finish, but I took a long break (1-2 hour break).



Both of these were created on mid-tone paper, and then captured by my phone. The Adagio one is more simplistic with more colors, and the Blackfeather one is more vibrant and complex. I’m wondering what everyone thinks looks better. I personally prefer the Adagio one but I would like to know everyone else’s thoughts.

(credits to Flicker for helping me with ideas)

Golden Eagle Lorelai

Both the golden eagle and Lorelai are so majestic, so I had to draw them! I wanted to outline it and I bought an outlining pen just for this!



This is a beautiful post. Thank you for this. I so badly hope you continue this trend. Mail me one.

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draw every hero as bird pls i gif 1 ice

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Phinn as a kagu will suffice, tyvm.

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Thanks for your compliments! Should I draw only bird-themed heroes, or should I also draw other animals as well? I was thinking of Dire Wolf Fortress as a sea otter and Corb as a fish following behind in the water. Petal as a bear in the forest seems cute as well. And don’t expect much from me since I’m not that great of an artist. I really need practice with backgrounds, landscapes, human forms, among many other things and only work when I’m bored (usually on weekends) or somehow motivated.

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Borg, these are so original and wonderful – please continue!!!

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I think the bird trend is hilarious. Honestly is so absurd and wildly unexpected that it’s pretty fantastic in itself. Please keep going, just as it is. Simple birds.

This being said, always try new things and seek to improve. So also do more animals and backgrounds and so on. Aspire to challenge yourself constantly as an artist.

Also, Petal as a huge bear would be tops ballooby

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Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll try my best to get another one done before this Sunday. I imagine Petal in bear form holding regular Petal’s tiny flower carriage curiously and wondering what it is. I might make this after I create the whole cast as birds, or as a lower quality sketch.

Wao, thanks basileyes!

I’ll probably make this after a few heroes is done since Phinn doesn’t have too definite features except the green scales. Churn Tyrant or Bakuto Phinn would be interesting though.

I’m going to be expecting 1 ICE to be added to my balance when I finish.

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um bakuto phinn as a kagu. Problem fixed

There better be a penguin :pouting_cat:

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Phinn as susie please with a tiny river troll on his shoulder please thx <3


Make churnwalker a white dove.

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Sorry for the long wait, but I finally finished Lorelai as a Golden Eagle. It took a few hours like the rest, but I was busy with other things, and can work only/mostly (depends) on weekends. For the last poll, Frigate bird Blackfeather won by 10% (55% to 45%). Let me know your thoughts about the newcomer! I decided to post all of the birds in this thread instead of making separate threads since it would look as if I am “like-farming” and it would be easier to look at, and it’s kind of like a portfolio. I’ll make a new post to bump it, and change to title with the hero and date whenever I create a new piece. I’d also like to thank everyone for their support and suggestions. I put them on a note sheet, and there’s a great chance I’ll make them, but I have some of my own ideas as well.