Bigginers Guide to 5v5: winning influence

Hello everyone, today I’m starting my series of “Bigginers Guides to 5v5”. With these I hope to cover the basics of playing Soverigns Rise. My two goals are for these segments to be both short (taking less that 5m to read), and informative (legitimately giving struggling players a boost, and confident players something to think about).

**Part 1: winning influence **
When you play 3v3 you chose a position and a hero to play that position. In game you then try to play that role the best you can. This still works in 5v5, but I find the mindset of winning influence (the amount your actions contribute to victory) more useful.

When you take any action, consider it’s value in winning infuence. Is it better to shove out the lane then recall to shop, help a teammate, or freeze the lane and farm up? Should you take the crystal buff, or should your jungler?. If you are going to take it, does it make sense shop in the same rotation?. These are the kinds of small choices 5v5 forces you to make constantly, but this thinking also applies to a broader meta and strategy. What factors make a mage mid lane provide the most winning influence, and in what scenario do other factors let a weapon sniper play mid?. Do you need a dedicated jungler when often carries take jungle buffs and farm anyway?

This is what I want to explain befor we get into specific roles and positions. Things like top lane, or junglers farm, or carry aren’t facts, they aren’t inherent laws of the game, they are words and contructs that help us understand and discuss something chaotic and confusing. Consider these things but don’t blindly follow them, if you understand why something works, you can make it work better, or find an even more effective way to play.

Thanks for reading. See you next time with “A Bigginers Guide to map layout”


Still unfamiliar with the new forums, apologies for any formatting issues or mistakes.