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I constantly play Private-Practice and have a hard time choosing what hero to play. What are the best heroes to pick? Also what is a good hero to help you rank up?

I don’t really have an suggestion when it comes to best heroes(the ones I can think of are reim and kensei).But if you want a good hero to rank up with,I would recommend you to try out Vox,he’s pretty well rounded,not that difficult to play,and both his build path are pretty viable…

So your main mistake is assuming you can rank with a small hero pool. Sure you’ll climb to mid tiers but you’ll plateau there and suffer.

My advice is to be “Good” with at least 12/15 hero’s, this should enable you to draft well.

Here’s my list of “must be good” with them hero’s in 3v3.

Roam - Lyra and Ardan, they are never out of the meta

Lane - Vox and Celeste as they are consistently good, if you can also master malenee you’ll be doing well. Throw in saw for early tiers as theyont counter draft etc.

Jungle - Krul, Alpha, Rona and Skye (if you can master her you’ll rank fast as she counters most of the meta hero’s well), you could also abuse Taka early game I guess.

But I’ll come back to my original point, VG is often won and lost durin draft, don’t just choose a hero because you like them think about how that hero plays into the opposition choices.

Yes, my bad. I was meant to say what type of heroes. I can play a wide range of them

I mean obviously this will change every patch, and even within patches as the meta changes, but here are some current good picks:

Reim: while a little harder to play to full extent than some other heroes, is very good if you can do him atm.

Kensei: imo not Broken like some heroes at launch, but definetly a top tier pick. and easy enough to play.

Malene: like Reim, a little harder to master than some others, but a strong pick with aftershock.

Lance: lovin the Lance this update myself. They brought back his WP path, and buffed him in general too. Works as a top laner, Jungler or Captain.

Reza: people say he requires mechanical skill but honestly if you ask me it’s an easy in-out with him, and his damage is OP atm.

Ardan: not the most OP, but he is literally never a bad cap pick. He works great with literally any hero, making him a nice hero to be skilled at playin.

That’s all I’m gonna say for now, altho I suggest you learn as many heroes as you can so you can flex your picks.

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Guess my main advice is don’t become a one trick pony, play diverse hero pool and one which is generally meta but which can also give you counter drafting potential.

If you had to play just a few hero’s I’d say practice Vox, Lyra, and Skye… they’re always strong picks, never far from meta and capable of countering most of the the other traditional strong hero picks.

Skye is a personal favourite of mine, her CP path sis great into tanky junglers and immobile laners, whilst her WP path enables you to kite assassins and dive compositions. She has a high skill cap but she’s one of the most enjoyable hero’s to play in the game. And can flex between lane and jungle.

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In terms of hero pool… I can give some good advice.

Roam: As what @Glowarm said, Lyra and Ardan are amazing picks who never fall out of the meta. However, this time I’ll throw in Grace as an arguably better pick this patch and easier than Ardan. But Lyra is the one you should focus the most attention to because the timing on the B must be right and the use of the portals can seriously mess up if you don’t place them properly.

Mid Lane: Mages are definitely meta at the mid lane at the moment. Malene is very good right now- the most well rounded mage with no obvious weaknesses and good in practically any situation if you know how to master her. Celeste is still meta, while being much less mobile than malene has practically 1.6/7 times more damage potential with her stars and supernovas. However she requires a good capatain to be effective. Varya is very strong as well, after the nerf to both Malene and Celeste and stands in much better ground with her powerful chain lightning in her A, ult and autos that are insanely fast. Samuel and Skaarf are good too. However the easiest ones I would have to say are:

Skaarf and Celeste. I would recommed you to start with these 2 first, and right after you can opt to learn Malene(learning her is very important soo you can know how to counter her) or Varya who takes some time to learn. Samuel can wait for a while as you have to master his positioning of drifting dark, and arguable the hardest mage among all(besides Malene).

Side Lanes= Gwen is still very good right now, especially in the bottom lane. Vox and Skye make special mention for being able to flex into bot and top lane. Reza and Kensei are insanely strong atm so if you know how to play him you are in for a win.

Haven’t played much Jungle so I can’t say much.


Mine was specific to 3v3, and tried to think historically.

100% agree with Grace, only reasons she’s not on the list is she isn’t quite as strong as the other two and she’s harder to play. Having said that she probably should be because she’s perfectly viable as a WP crit monster who offers great team utility.

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Let me ask you this. When playing each role what is your playstyle, like how do you like to play and do things

When I am captain, and there are three dps I get protector also if there are heroes who hit power spikes early. When I see a laner struggling I go in and help or if there is more than one enemy in lane. Basically helping when they are struggling. When I am carry it depends who I play against. I try not to go too into turrets alone or else I would get ganked so a few hits. As jungler I assess the situation whether we need to take a turret or help out in general or secure a kill. If I can I steal the enemy jungle and ping a close ally to come to take it.

I feel like most people are missing my other question. What are cancer heroes for private-practice and if you can mention the builds.

Well for your roam I’d say ardan or grace as they are good meatshields who can do good damage with little work. Grace does damage to multiple close together enemies or minions.

As for your other question I can’t really help you though kensei ATM is a strong pick

Uuuuhhhh…Grace…Grace…Grace…WP Grace…Cap Grace…o and Grace

I think you forgot about Grace

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O yeah forgot. Thanks fam :ok_hand:

Prioritize mobility.

Heroes will always rise and fall based on numbers, kits rarely change. But long term, heroes with very high mobility (Vox, Ardan, Lyra, Idris, Reza, Kensei, Malene, Varya, Lance, Tony, BF, Skye, Taka, Kestrel) will tend to stay relevant over a long enough period because mobility is amazingly valuable.

When looking at heroes remember this:
Dash > Disappear > Speed
Stun > Root > Slow
Ranged > Melee (skill range)

Over the long term I would say the meta for ranged WP carries is Vox > Kestrel > Gwen > Ringo > Adagio. If you look at the above axioms, you will see the hero ranks fit the axioms.

Omni-directional mobility is important. Alpha and Ozo can jump on and stick to any target due to high mobility, but they can’t independently escape. Multi-skill mobility is important. Both Joule and Glaive have omni-directional mobility, but lack two mobility skills/activations. BF and Reza are just as sticky, but if things go bad they can still escape due to non-targeted omni-directional mobility with multiple activations.

CP Mid: I suspect over the long term, Malene and Varya will be top meta due to mobility. However, DPS may be rewarded in this role more than any other due to an ever present Roam. You should play the patch top meta heroes which you can find on

Lastly, play the heroes you really enjoy playing. I love Skaarf and Ozo. They are in my top 5 for most played and win rate. The reason isn’t because they are the best, but because I enjoy playing them.


He’s not looking for Meta tips. He just wants a toxic cancer build in practice mode to kill his friends.

Personally, I don’t even know why you would need tips. it’s practice mode. you can buy whatever to your hearts content.

try All Tornado Triggers for kicks. Stick to standard builds I find is always best.


Poisioned shiv 3 tornado triggers 1 breaking point on wp grace

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Well, it is a tip, and tips help

Malene… lyra sam celeste. Hmmmm grace