Ban draft bug

I’ve been Ranking more often now and j have run across this bug more than once, the bug is seen during draft and it is activated when one person does not ban it skips them and the game continues and that person only gets to ban one character.

Not sure if this is also due to this bug or it’s because they did not have the hero but they could not select k


Moto g5splus
OS 7.1.1

You can choose not to ban a hero. The match is only dodged if you do not pick a hero

But the thing is that it would continue and we would actually get to play the game

it is an intended feature, if you don’t select anyone, you won’t be banning anyone, the game will continue

To clarify, by pick a hero I mean after the ban phase is over. You can choose not to ban anyone

Why am I only learning about this, looks like almost 2 years in and I’m still learning

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cause No Players likes to choose not to ban a hero

When there are two OP heroes left in draft and you have one ban left you don’t ban so enemy can pick one and you get the other…

More like use this strat if youre first pick.

Also yes but when the enemy first pick bans a not important powerful but not OP hero it leaves a strong hero open.

Ban Krul, other side ban Kensei, ban Reza/Lyra/Malene enemy is left with two OP heroes if he bans one than side 1 gets a guaranteed OP hero and he is left wih nothing.

Forsaking a ban will nett you the left over OP hero…