[Badge Suggestion] Make a badge for salt-mining

Title. We should totally get a badge depending on how many topics we create in salt-mine.

EDIT: or even a title. Oooohh-weeee.

EDIT 2: or, if you like/comment on enough posts in salt-mine, you can get a badge or title akin to a mineral lick. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can’t think of any creative names for it.

I could also see it being abused to all hell.

EDIT 3: this isn’t an entirely serious suggestion by the way, feel free to move it if you must.



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Imagine the spam fest…

I love it

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Some ideas for that title:

  • Inhabitant of The Dead SEA
  • Lorelai’s Opponent
  • SAW’s spirit
  • Toxic/Churning Salt
  • Meme’d up Salt
  • “insert hero/gamemode/position” attacker
  • ???XxfuccthisshizxX???

idk anymore title ideas


Think it would be funny to see titles like

*Instalocker (If the person has # of first replies in saltmine)
*Petals Munion (If the person tends to reply to forum posts and never makes them themselves)
*Phinn (If the necrobump a topic…get it? Its because Phinns slow :joy:)
*AFK (If the person spend # amount of time reading a thread but never replies to it)

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I just won AFK for the whole forum.


I have read more posts than everyone but Hipster and am not even in the top 10 of replies

Where’s my AFK title

Alternate title:

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