Back in vainglory after 105 days

I dont know anything since caine patch. Any important stuff to know, item changes, etc. and how does caine, leo, warhawk, miho and ishtar work?

Im back playing casually with my team/ex-team members. But which modes are dead and which would i gain the most enjoyment out of?

3v3 is in a sad state. Declining popularity and SEMC not caring about the mode have really hurt it, that said, I still know people who play it all the time, so there must be some enjoyment to be had there. In general blitz is in a way way better place than it was in the past. The recent talent changes have made a lot more talent choices feel useful, and the truly toxic ones are mostly dealt with. 5v5 plays better every patch, balance is starting to feel really mature, with a large base of viable heroes for every role. Warriors are viable, assassins are good as counter picks but not dominant, utility pics work in the right situation but aren’t oppressive, in general it’s in a really good spot.

As far as items go, probably the biggest thing is SEMC has finally gotten defense items figured out. Every defense option is viable in the right situation. I’ve especially enjoyed grabbing Shroud as a counter to skaarf on tanks. It allows you to absorb so much of his damage. Aegis for once isn’t an automatic purchase, but neither is husk. In general for one defense item caries you chose between Aegis, Shroud, and Husk. For two defense carries it’s really any mixture to suit the situation. Against Yates or other heavy cc shroud + Aegis makes it really difficult to be locked up.

Caine is mobile bot laner with really high damage output. In general he’s really good into tanky teams or warriors where he can kite, and finish heroes off with massive executes, but he works in most situations. His weaknesses are poor early game, and general ability to fall flat in fights if he’s out in the wrong spot.

Warhalk is the strongest hero in the game right now. He’s super mobile, and has phenomenal zoning and peel which makes him very hard to pin down. As a hero he is best with comps that want to kite back since his chasing is very poor (due to launching himself away from his target).

Leo is a bursty team nuking warrior. Imagine Magnus as a WP warrior. In general you beat him by just keeping him in fights for long periods, and not grouping up. He’s also really easy to stun up and kill.

Miho is an all in WP assassin. Her main attribute is she requires a good ult set up to have an impact in fights. If you land her ult getting her marks down, she can get 5 resets for her A allowing her to bounce around while invincible killing everyone. It can however be crucibles, which really shuts her down. Her early game is also very bad.

Ishtar is SAW 2.0. Literally lay down swords and just oppress everyone. Verdict isn’t entirely in yet, but she seems pretty op at this point.


Nice summary of the current state of the game :+1: