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Avon Nohr Recruitment (NA Server)



Greetings everyone who has stumbled upon this recruitment post, It is I Aytier and i have a question for you guys. Are you a solo player looking for a guild to join? Are you a weird, random person looking to form new friendships with other weird random people? Then look no more, as Avon Nohr has got you covered.


Were basically a group of random people who enjoy playing vainglory (and possibly other games as well) and simply having fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an inexperience player or a pro player who destroys everything and everyone that gets in your way, we welcome all to Avon Nohr. Of course we do have rules that is expected to be followed, but they are just the generic “be active” and “respect others and their boundaries” etc.

Well that’s pretty much it for this post, if you’re interested in joining just put your IGN down and I’ll add/invite you.


IGN: OneAutumnLeaf

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