ATTN vainglory fans

I’ve thought of a project to expand vainglory and the forums. A YouTube channel AWE Me has a series Man At Arms, they create video game, anime, and movie weapons to work. I was thinking we could all get together and request them to do a vainglory weapon and in each of our request add #vgforums to promote the forums. Now you can request in comments on the latest Man at Arms video, Twitter, and Facebook.

If we can all do this we can increase forum awareness as they add pictures of request in their videos and it could add vainglory awarness. Though all of this is if we can agree on a hero weapon and get enough request going for it.


I would request Flicker’s lantern so I can bash people over the head with it while making snide remarks about bumbleflies and the vacuousness of pixies.

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Personally I would think a sword of some sort as it is their specialty

dum rule about caps

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Champion Blackfeather’s sword that would be a challenge…

Well at least we don’t have to do Gwen’s, Ringo’s and SAW’s gun.

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Sorrowblade!!! Universal weapon for VG.

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