Attack speed, stutter-stepping or both?

I was playing after the update and I realised the attack speed for nearly every hero was incrceased? Did they buff atack speed or made stutter-stepping more visual and worth?

Increased attack speed for all heroes and fixed taka’s attack animation

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OK, thanks for replying I don’t play Taka much tho

Don’t forget the base movement speed increase of +0.1 for all heroes.

Max move speed still the same due to minus 0.1 to all boots.

Also I hate how they reworked wp taka, what was once a very niche hero that I specialised in, is now playable by all.

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He just got Xretsu WP ratio and attack speed buff. Wouldn’t call that a rework really.

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They called it. I wouldn’t as well.

Where is it called a rework? I don’t remember anything about it and it honestly isn’t one in my opinion.

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