Astronaut Bard. The best skin to ever exist hands down


A space theme skin is already a plus but on Bard?

Even better since he reminds me of squishy boi Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Squishy boi


Also when will riot release a plush version of this skin :thinking:

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You have a link to the original artwork, by any chance? I couldn’t find anything except for screen grabs from the dev video I linked to here.

Thats where I got it too. They havent fully released the concept skins since the Pulsefire set just came in pbe

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Moar space skins



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This whole Galaxies theme is a home run for Riot … love the TFT arenas and Little Legends, love the Dark Star & Cosmic skins for League, and now these astronaut ones – they’re really killing it so far this year!

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Facts! If they’re pumping out such nice content already, just imagine the upcoming months :flushed::eyes: