Assassins not assassins

I played taka koshka …ANKAAA!!!..reza and vg seems assassin as tanks or something cause their burst is sad an annoying. Aftershook smh don’t get me started only thing that makes since in terms of assassin burst is tension BOW…in the Early GAME ofc…late game ehhh vainglory needs better items like when shield pierce could stack i had literally no issues and now they just smh broken myth used to have stacks that made damage so beautiful like breaking point… Now i hear its a 9% increase not a 35% damage amp … Wtf like cmooon How im i suppose to enjoy being an assassin if i cant burst not a fly unless enemy buy no defense ig i don’t wanna be a tanky assassin cant kill a thing and probably wont die cause i have tank items they need to fix this shit:/

You seem like playing them wrong, Anka can instakill a squishy hero, so can reza, Taka… Is not viable, koshka has a lot of damage. Honestly, the problem with assassins isnt their damage. If you cant kill a squishy hero with them its not the problem of the instrument but the user.
Just to know, how do you build them?

Wyd lol They have defense plus sometimes crits and anka is a joke tbh smh she not as advertised

Whats your build? Lol she is the most bursty Hero in the game

Shatter glassessss tried all sg ,tried bm as , and as and tb

what he want is “click ulti - target eliminated”
don’t bother


I expect that if i have 5 damage items which offer highest boost to cp stat

You’re getting targeted. Try Kestrel for the disappearing act. You need to find a opening in a fight, time your abilities in such a way that puts you at an advantage, whether that be a favorable position or if you noticed your target already used his reflex block and ult.

An assassin always has a mental picture of what the enemy has already used and what they are building towards, so you can counter build. Did they use boots? that’s a 150 second CD. did they pop flask? that’s a 120 second window of opportunity. What level are they? is their ULT available yet?

All this information needs to be kept mentally to be a good assassin. know your enemy. be aware of hard counters.


ok so im gonna point out why each build could be wrong
all sg - while sg does offer the flat highest cp, many other items have useful passives. not to mention, all sg would mean shield lowerss your damage output a lot because you have no pierce

bm as - so im gonna try to explain this to the best of my memory bc this is an old build. this was actually from an old build where the damage output of old bm’s passive treated the pierced cp damage as true dmg (UNSURE, BUT I KNOW IT MADE SOME OF THE DMG FLAT DMG) and with aftershock’s high % passive back then, it meant each proc would deal like >15%hp dmg which is huge for those that can abuse the procs (ozo, alpha), not to mention AS should be built first. this isnt as good now bc as’ dmg has been nerfed, if you really want burst with this, sg is good, de if you can stay for around more than 8 seconds?

AS TB - this is only good IF you have a high damage ability (e.g. grump A) because this combo is about ond big burst of damage, best suited for early game then to snowball.

so what builds SHOULD you try?
well, there are no definite ones. you always have to consider a hero’s strengths and the enemy’s strengths. some heroes benefit more wirh flat cp so they rush sg, but i think AS is basically everyone’s first item now. if you dont have a spammable ability where you can basic after, aftershock isnt as good.

so my next question, HOW do you play them? this’ll help us understand what behavior you have and how it could be tweaked for an assassin playstyle.

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Tb in CP assassins no please. Why the hell do you use troll builds? Of course you arent doing anything, your builds are wrong. You said they were tanky, but none of your builds have defence. You always complain about CP in general, but truth is that your builds doesnt make sense, in the last thread people told you how to build yet you still build all SG, well, until you dont learn how to build (and to play, because if you build like that…) of course you wont deal damage, but its not the instrument fault but the user’s.

3 SG + BM + DEF + boots, could work tho. :smiley:

Most assassins have poor Crystal Ratios, also no cooldown which assassins need.

Could work doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for a build path - it is not + expensive as f.

Anka has poor burst? Wut? Are you playing her right? She has one of the most bursty ults in the game and is EXTREMELY sticky if you can aim well. Anka is the best assassin VG has to offer mechanic wise while probably being one of the best competitively with Reza having the kind of kit that may keep her viable (ex: Vox) unlike Tako who is either op af or way too vulnerable cause his only sticking option is X Retsu which has meh range while Anka has Heliogenesis range on her blink and can kill WAY faster than a Tako with WAAAAAY better escape options if you can play her well.

My build with Anka so far is AS, SF, BM, CW, Husk, and Boots

Tl;Dr: Anka is best waifu now. Sorry, Grace…


no wonder you fail…
a single husk counter you hard…


Oh my god, “AfterSHOOK”.
We love an innovative shister! Yassssss

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well you’re obviously playing them incorectly reza and anka can basically 1 shot a carry with one combo

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Moved out of Salt Mine because, despite the OP being salty, there’s a lot of very good advice in this thread!


Well ok… Imma stop complaining and just play and just if i win…i win and if i lose…i lose

Thanks for replies tho

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