Ascensia [ASCD] is recruiting!

We’re a small, community-oriented guild based in SEA. We focus on gathering members who are in the game more for the togetherness compared to the grinding, however there are also more competitive members in the guild who like to grind either rank or fame. If we aren’t playing together, we usually chat on Discord or play other games together. We also have a public server (not the guild server) where you can also just hang with us.

slashingwinds - Guild leader.
Liyrical - Officer.
Sanyam - Officer.
Tsumibit0 - Officer.


  • Tier 6 Bronze in 3v3 or 5v5 (Spring 2018 Season)
  • Must have Discord (guild communication is based in this app)
  • Relatively active (required at least one guild game a day)
  • Display a good level of maturity or aged 16+

Here is our public server link:

Here is our application form:

We hope to see you on the fold within our ranks!