Arena Of Valor: Daji Concept Art by Mushk Rizvi

Sad moments for me rn. Didnt realize that one of my favorite VG artists isnt working at SEMC anymore…

But she now at Tencent so good for her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and her art hasnt changed!

Mushk Rizvi’s Artstation

I havent played much AoV ever since I heard the drama about it which lowered my rate of playing but maybe Ill start again!


She never worked at SEMC — like most of the VG character artists, she was (and still is) a freelancer.


The way she’s presenting her work experience is a bit misleading imo. She was only actually directly employed by SEMC for 10 months. The rest of the time, she’s been an independent contractor (“freelancer”).