Are you bored waiting for the matchmaker?

Hey, there! I found a time killer thing for boring match finding. You can explore the every site with ‘Stats’ tab.
I show you how to do it step by step.

1st Step:
Tap the orange card.

2nd Step:
Go bottom and tap one of these names.

3rd Step:
Search ‘‘Google’’ on search bar after go a bit bottom and tap to ‘‘Google’’.

4th Step:
Now, just tap the ‘‘’’ link.

Final Step:
Search whatever you want and enjoy.

Note: Probably it’s just working on Android devices.


maybe they should make integrated fishing game while waiting for matchmaker

so you can wait while waiting…


5-10 minutes waiting is really boring. So i can’t wait while waiting. :joy::joy:

I try not to mess with it while matchmaking. If my queue pops while using the stats page this happens -

Like i said before, they should have a Fly or Die Baron themed galaga/galatica game. And you can only play it once you hit 3 minutes into the queue waiting line

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They already fixed this.

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Heck I’ve just been playing pokemon conquest :grinning:

I just had it happen to me my last match, not even 30 minutes ago

This is a good idea. :joy::joy::joy:

30 chars

Did u update the game? :thinking::thinking:

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Watch Youtube while in Que i see

I updated a few hours before the match.

I’m stuck at this screen :confused:

Their in-game browser is a disaster, tbh.

Their code testing process continues to baffle me.

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I would try this if I had the patience to play anything but Brawl, which is just perpetual chaos queue :lyra:

Blergh, doesn’t look like it’s working now. Unless I’m doing something wrong, all links are opening new app windows. :kraken_sad_t3:

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That’s weird.:thinking: It’s working on my device. Im watching videos from youtube when im quequing.

Maybe it’s device-specific? I have an iPhone 6… ?

I have Samsung galaxy s7 edge. Probably android and ios difference. :joy:

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Larger iOS devices with the latest software can do the whole “screen in screen” overlay, like iPads and I believe the iPhone +'s. Samsung phones, however, can do it just because.