Are We Still Allowed To Rag On The UI And How It's So FUgly?

Because it really is poo-poo. And I will not get over it. The new cosmetics item profiles and general item menus make it more obvious I think. Maybe it’s all the sharp lines next to all the buttery smooth visuals, maybe it’s the color tone or shading, but something about it is aggravating to look at, and I will not go quietly into that good night about it!

Seriously, I hope ONE day they take a second look at small things, even if it’s not a complete overhaul.


I kinda think the main menu is a little bright. The bright pink and magenta/purple color scheme doesn’t really fit VG from UI compared to In-game. Maybe they could add custom colors to change your UI the way you wanted it. I personally liked the old brown with white outlines, or whatever it was before early 2018. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an option to download an earlier version of the game? Like i know it couldnt be online. But just for the pleasure for those who liked it.

That would be cool, especially to see how much it’s changed vs stayed the same.