Are we alive?

This is the type of game I am longing for, I played this game a year ago with some friends who didn’t care but just dominated, this game connected us together and better, we made memories and participated countless events. It was a brief and fun moment, It is today that I have played the game with 37% knowledge with the game (not saying that the game have completely changed), It’s pretty much the same which made the game competitive.

When I play a casual match of 5v5’s (not level 10 yet, unranked) I barely connect to a match, as if no one is really playing, I also want to know if this happens in rank game or if it’s worse in rank games.

I just hate the fact that copycat games from Le**** of Leg**** as well as Mobi** Leg**ds had more playerbase and is constant and improving gone better than us, this is the best one right now, just come chinese creators who paid a lot just to copy a game.

I hope we still have a good playerbase and will improve soon, we need youtube ads.

ads won’t help in the current state of the game. If I was a new player searching for a mobile moba, I would had chose MM or AOV instead of VG. Would had WOW to the gfx and that’s most going on about it, they watered the game down + filled it with cheap money grab tactics + killed the competitive scene + took almost everything that was making the game special and replace it with a cheap AOV/MM clone + they ruined the gameplay + they don’t have the player base to provide fast mobile experience + neither they got the uniqueness that 3vs3 provided in the past and the balance it put on the table.

They would better stick to 3vs3, polish it even more, monetise in other ways (voice packs, recall animations - all inspired by the given hero lore) + keep the competitive scene, but reduce the cost of the money given to the minimum that will still keep the organisations going.

Then either shutdown the game and the company with similar turnout for the investors, because I am pretty sure that they would had even draw the line at the end with higher profits than they will now… or they can rise investment for Vainglory 2 that is build from the ground up 5vs5 new game. They can even keep some heroes, but totally reworked with kits for 5vs5 that are inspired by their original mechanics. Not what they did now… slap a new map that was developed for more than a year (LOL, to turn out to be as general as it can :smiley: ), some stats changes and voala - 5vs5. It’s not how it’s done…


Well, not exactly. Here’s an article (from 2014) describing the history of the MOBA genre:

As you can see, Vainglory is just a recent addition to the long line of MOBA style games dating all the way back to 1998 – calling other companies like Tencent and Moonton “copycats” is kind of a stretch, when you look at the history of the genre.

Also, I’d argue that Vainglory is much LESS original than it once was – the 3v3 mode of the original game was a terrific way to adapt MOBAs to the limited screen space and touch controls of mobile devices. I think that abandoning 3v3 in favor of developing a 5v5 mode was giving up much of what made Vainglory unique. And it’s hard to argue that VG’s 5v5 map is very original, as @cha0z points out.

This is unlikely to happen. The MOBA genre is well past its peak – multiplayer gaming has moved to FPS type games (Overwatch, Destiny, etc.) and more recently, battle-royale style games (Fortnite, PUBG).


The game isn’t original anymore.

They decided that that since the beginning of 5v5.

Not that 5v5 was original.

The hero sneak peeks went from average to great back to boring. Where is the lorelai type of peeks. Nowadays we only get a piece of the splash art, some visuals of the kit, and the full splashart that the camera zooms into along with a voice line playing in the background. Ok

Balancing is a turn off and so are other points that I wont get into.

The game isnt what it used to be. And no white knight better tell me not to compare the game now to the past, because it shows how down hill the game has become.

Also ads? My friend is a web junkie and a AoV player and he hasn’t seen any VG ads besides on the appstore. Smg


They cut the money invested into the game in times, I feel + let go quite a lot of the original devs/employers (not only the more famous ones, some where behind the scenes). You can’t expect ever the same quality they once had in any aspect.

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vg 5v5 map feels generic with slight variant.

they should stick to 3v3 or grow to 4v4 (add another lane to fold)
5v5 is similar in every moba.

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They refused to take a unique 5vs5 approach and played it safe. There is a lot one can do, like changing battlefiled/map layout , more monsters and effect to them… really, I can think of some cool and still playeable things with 1m put into it. They had a whole team and a year, but for me the passioned devs was into the 3vs3 that they decided on years ago.

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