Are the Mods too powerful!?! Don't worry I'm not hating on them for anyone looking for salt

Ok so I want to have a free discussion on the power of mods being able to reply to locked threads. Recently @hazeleyes has closed a thread for wandering off-topic but then another mods replied to the thread @idmonfish here is screenshot but you could easily see it yourself

  1. Idmon made a replied to argue against my points knowing full well that I can not reply back
  2. An argument could be “oh you can just message him” but Idmon also knows full well that he can pm me too. For him to reply to the thread seems more like a way to have to last line then to actually start a discussion on what is considered lying for the fact I can’t reply back.
  3. The thread was closed for WANDERING OF TOPIC in @hazeleyes own words so why should a mod have special permission to do so? He goes against the will of another mod and takes advantage of my inability to interact appropriately
  4. I personally don’t mind having a private chat as I am trying to have one with Hazel eyes now but he’s comments able to be public gives him more influence over others making his opinion seeming more superior exclusively for the fact that he is allowed to talk and not me. His opinion is put on a higher pedestal.

I have no ill-will with any of the mods… Yet! :wink: But I do think mods should not be able to reply to closed thread unless it’s opened back up for everyone. Idmo can keep his reply their because the deed is already done and I really don’t care much. But I do care about how people are treated and this is something I feel should be addressed before it gets out of hand. I’m not saying the mods are about to go full authoritarian but I don’t like the idea of valuing someone’s opinion over someone else’s in the matter of free and open discussion.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say he easily could have just missed it. On a phone, the only sign of a locked thread is a small greyed out lock on a slightly darker grey background. Often, the message telling me I can’t reply is what makes me realize it’s locked.

Them being able to reply to any and all topics is most likely default and as such, he wouldn’t have got such a message.

However, there may be instances when a post on a locked topic may be necessary. For example, a further explanation for locking the thread.

It’s a useful feature, although circumstantial, and I see nothing “too powerful”


Row Row, Fight the Power.
Down with the Mods, up with the…
Blitz tryhards.


Yes this is my bad - I am on my phone and I hadn’t scrolled to the end so I hadn’t seen it was closed.

I utterly agree with you in principle and I am sorry I didn’t scroll down!


So mods are just able to reply to closed threads? There is no special thing you gotta do to drive through the locked defense and lay down your modsculinity on that strong system and tell it who’s boss… So you can post on locked threads? If I would’ve known it was so easy to make the mistake I would’ve just talked to you about it instead of starting the most glorious uprising the forums have witnessed with clear evidence showing your faults ultimately destroying the mod system and claiming victory over the ashes of the mods which would’ve all happened… If I didn’t know it was so easy to make a mistake.

Yeah sadly it is - I had no idea it was closed until I reached the end of the thread.

Also “modsculinity”

Okay that is a term of beauty.


I think it is fair to say that sometimes we don’t know our own strength…

In my opinion, I don’t think that mods being able to reply to locked threads makes them too powerful, as any threads that are locked are usually either full of salt and not in the salt mine or someone instigated an argument. To reiterate what @Moose said, replying to locked threads is too circumstantial to be of any good use. I’d even argue that it’s useless, even for mods and admins.

I am a weapon of war; I have no opinion on the matter.


Wow, points for this. Well done. :vgcheersx3:

These guys run the free site your using, spending a lot of their free time to ensure it runs.

Sorry you’re butt hurt but I’ll give them the last word when they want it, they’re doing all the hard work.

He has a fair point - getting the last word without right of reply can and sometimes is used as a pretty obnoxious move to “win” a fight by some moderators on some forums and that is very poor form (I am so tempted to lock this thread after having said this - I have a terrible sense of humour).

I usually try to avoid moderating a thread I am participating in to avoid those kind of blurred lines. That said we are a small team at the mo so moderation tends to take place on the basis of who is available first.

But in any case I welcome community discussion and feedback on how we are doing, even if it can be uncomfortable - these new forums were set up to serve you guys after all and we want your input.


Report idmonfish for toxic behavior :stuck_out_tongue:


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Now I want you to close the thread for the lols… But don’t really… But also I’d still laugh.

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Not only close the thread, but lock it too, then keep having a mod-only conversation in it.



You’re going beyond


What kind of modposting fest did I just walk into?

The best kind. You’re lucky to experience this. You’re welcome.