Are private matches based held using the party host's connection?

From experience i suspect that private matches are held using the party host’s connection instead of the public regional server. I dont get as many server freezes and lagspikes in privates compared to public matches, and when someone with poor internet hosts the private match, everyone in that match will usually have a constant high ping. How true is this, and how exactly do private match servers work? Is it better to let the person with the best internet host private matches?

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Interesting question, actually. As far as I know it’s not hosted on the host device… but maybe different servers or more resources are spared for those games? Dunno, would like if someone knows the answer.

The lag nowdays is a real thing… even with 40ms ping I constantly get unsync for my position, delays, spikes (not from my connection)… I remember how rare I got those back in the 3vs3 days. Instead of improving it as it goes crossplatform, it’s getting worse. Atleast in the last dev stream they said they are working on the desync issue while you have low ping… but we will see as it can take months to release something related to that.

No. Can tell you definitively that is not true.

Network performance is definitely much worse these days. I wonder myself if they’ve actually cut back on their infrastructure, as my ping (as reported in the client) is double what it used to be – and 2 to 3 times what my actual network latency is (as reported by tools like Ookla’s SpeedTest).

As I’ve said elsewhere, I have no lag in any other online game I play – just Vainglory. It definitely affects my gameplay: every match I get abilities that don’t trigger, AAs that don’t happen, and hits from enemies when I am well out of the apparent hit box.

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I was watching random videos about vainglory on YouTube and was reading the comments and found a guy saying that removing 3v3 casual going to make the pressure less on servers and matches going to be quick , I laughed at the comment because we all know that semc don’t have a player base that put pressure on the servers , but for a moment I thought about all my 3v3 queue times all 7+ minutes and sometimes they reach 12 minutes even after they match soloq vs party , so what if that guy told us the truth about the servers and we aren’t waiting players to join , we waiting players to finish games so we can replace them ?! Conspiracy theory !?!?!!

I think nothing wrong with making private matches based held using the party host’s connection because at the end they are private matches the outcome is not important .

For some context, that’s how MOBA started. It was always a private host’s connection that impacted the ms for the game for most people. The idea of servers like this didn’t come until later. Overall, I believe server hosted/run multiplayer online gaming is the way to go, but it was nice back in the day from time to time to have a game hosted by someone with incredible internet.

Ah, the days of LAN parties before all this newfangled interweb stuff …

Vainglory is a client-server system, like most multiplayer games these days. There’s no way to play without a connection to one of the SEMC servers. That said, there ARE non-public servers that are used: the PBE server, for instance, as well as certain servers that were used for tournament play (back when VG had esports). But in all cases, a server connection is required.

In either case, my home wifi (30 mbps with 30 ms vg) is no longer enough for vg to stay stable. I freeze the time space continuum, rubber-band to the center of the earth, and overall want to commit turret dive with amount of connection problems I get.

When I do play, it’s at college where the wifi has to be good enough for thousands of people, and i get a net 15 ms

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30 ms isn’t bad, even for VG with its sketchy net code. However, I think that you may be experiencing quite a lot of jitter, which is something that VG DOES NOT TOLERATE WELL AT ALL. Try checking with something like this tool:

The sad bit about that test result is that my ping as reported by VG is easily 4-5 times higher :unamused:

I just did your test and the ping there is equal to what vainglory give me or close by adding 10 most of the time or less by 10 sometimes .

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Whoops i wasn’t clear. 30mbps nets me around a 30 ms which should be good, absolutely no lag, but it doesn’t anymore. School wifi nets me 15ms with 0 problems now

What can explain the difference in ping when theres a constant high ping for everyone when someone with poor internet or someone living further away (lets say india vs singapore) hosts a private match, and then immediately after the party host is changed to someone with good connection, there is no longer any high ping for everyone? Does the server prioritize its connection for the host?

No clue. Especially in SEA, the routing of their network is very weird. But I can assure you that you’re connected to SEMC’s servers individually and directly, not through another player’s client/connection.

(That’s information straight from multiple devs, btw. In addition, you can verify how you’re connected with a packet sniffer, which I may or may not have done at some point. :wink:)

Do you need a sea account to test it or it works the same in all servers ? , you could create sea account and test it with them , I read before about a Vpn company was making everyone connecting to them a host instead of creating server so it was a chaos and illegal , they said there were servers but they were lying .

It still hosted on he server like any other match.

I know because I used to host games all the time, but merely spectate because I had terrible ping and no one ever lagged specifically.

Ok, heres my experience and findings from hosting a sh*t ton of private matches in scrims and matches for pine league over update 4.0 and 4.1 in the goddamn SEA server, and me taking any measures in my power to improve smoothness of matches and reduce lag for all players.

  1. The party host will affect the connection for all players. If player A is in singapore and player B is in cambodia, A will lag if B hosts the party, and none will lag if A hosts the party. Basically only people in singapore should host matches (same location as the SEA server).

  2. The more people in the party, the longer it takes to start the match. This includes spectators. Ive tried hosting a match on PC with 6 spectators and its a nightmare. It took over 30 minutes to start the match.

  3. The fastest way to start a match is for ALL players to restart their game. If someone cancels the match in draft or hero select, just restart because you arent gonna start the match again. Get used to restarting and reinviting everyone because you are gonna do that a lot. After pressing start match, let the menu “find a match” for a minute WITHOUT cancelling the “queue”. If the game havent started at that point, just restart and redo until it does.

  4. If the host (spectator) leaves the game while the match is running, the connection will be transferred to another person. So dont leave the match if you are the host.