Are chests getting better

Just yesterday from a quest chest i got a netherknight rezza bp and from the 5 hero playe i recieved legendary lyra talent. Now from sunlight rare key i recieved Fury Rona

or your super lucky This text will be blurred


You are just lucky.

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That could be but seriously a new legendary from event chest

I got CW Alpha yesterday from a mission chest, those chests aren’t bad at all…

Meanwhile I got 3 opals for lvl 41 Sunlight…


I got legendary Ardan BP from a brown mission chest. I’d say yeah.


My chests have gotten a lot worse actually lmao

thats just luck.
btw, the chests are set up in a way, that you will get legendary and epic bp on a regulated basis. your chances of getting another legendary bp are now low again.

I think I’m still part of the no legendary BP club. From memory, the last legendary I crafted was UFO petal, which was when the cards -> BP transformation happened.

they arent getting better, but with each bp you get that is not a legendary, your chance of getting a legendary next time increases.
you will get your legendary sooner than later.
but yeah, it kinda sucks.

Got Netherknight Reza bp from brown quest chest. First skin I crafted by blueprint+essence. I still have left 38229 unspent essence waiting for the missing blueprints


Nah they had to have increased BP drops by a little bit I pulled out a Red Rona BP from a wooden chest today and its been like 2 weeks since my last legendary BP, although I haven’t gotten an Epic in a while so eh who knows.

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Out of interest, how many skins do you have?

I have 54/22/3.5k esscence. Overall I get a good mix of duplicates and new BPs.

I wouldn’t say the chests are any better or worse personally

Guys just because you’re lucky doesn’t make everyone lucky. It’s RNG there are bound to be luckier and unluckier players.

I have 139 skins. The missing ones are Taizen Boss Kenshi, Clownwalker, Tea Party Grace and Origins Idris. Also I started playing in december of 2016 so I missed LE skins which is sad cos newer players don’t stand a chance to get them (looks like newer players don’t deserve them, maybe we are not as good for SEMC as older players are)

you are just as good, but semc has to keep at least one promise.
even if it was a stupid one to make in the first place.

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4 legendary draws including dupes so far. Several epics and many rares…

Let’s sell LE skins again and say it was due to a communication breakdown. C’mon smec…
L E T ’ S D O I T
Just do it, I need that LE Fort skin


Everyone says those skins won’t be released again because they are Limited Edition. The solution is: release them again for just a LIMITED TIME… I mean for some special event like vainglory’s 5th birthday. Every game’s ALL content should be available for it’s players and not kept away from them. Come on SEMC we keep your game alive and our money pays your bills, respect your players and be large-hearted and make us happy. The mayority of the players would love the idea to make them available again. I would gladly pay lots of ice or complete any quest to get them.

they tried to do it. the result were the recolored version of those skins.
you wont see them selling those skins for a long while at least.

they should have never made any promise to nver release this skins again, but moving back on their word just to rip off their customers with some rng shit will hurt them quite a bit.
keeping those skins away from the market was semcs promise. a buisness that cant keep their promisess will lose the trust and money of its customers.

allthough they may just wait for two or three more years, when most of the players with an le skin left the game, and then start selling them again, hoping that the backlash woudnt hurt them.