Arcane Post-Season 1 Discussion

If you are reading this and haven’t yet watched “Arcane” – STOP! :stop_sign: Go watch the series on Netflix, then come back and THEN join the discussion!

Fair warning: there will be spoilers in this thread!

As this thread grows, I’ll edit this post to add an index to key posts. Let’s not post fan art in this thread – make a separate one if you want to share art you’ve come across! (And there is a TON of fan art out there!)

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Amanda Overton is one of the writers for the series: she wrote Episode 5 (“Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy”) and was story editor for Episode 2 (“Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved”). Here are a couple of tidbits from her Twitter:

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Q. Who’s taller, Cait or Vi?


More: he actually tried to make her taller, but the producers caught on :rofl:

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One of the best shows i ever watched tbh


A really good interview with Amanda Overton about “Arcane”: