Arcana (Tarot Card) Skinline

This year really was my year with LoL, not only did I get a space theme with added tarot flair in WR, but now we’re getting a FULL BLOWN TAROT CARD SKINLINE! WOOOOOO!

(Queen) Arcana Camille

Arcana Lucian

Arcana Tahm Kench

Arcana Xerath

[ Mod edit: updated post to include full (4k) res images of the splash art because these are so spectacular! ]


That survey leak was true in the end… So ig that mean the graffiti one is coming down the pipeline.

Also later ill post what each of the cards (skins) represent.

All leaks contained in this post - Beware

Forum Leak Post

Ahri and Sona seem the be the blue tarot cards… Lore?

Dang, these are amazing. The Riot splash art team are really the best in the business, imo.


ugh, can it get even better?

ingame they does look amazing too… gosh. WR is the same - so many great skins there. I really still lol when I remember how ML skins are + how for some you need to basically pay 300+ euro and they are not even of the quality of basic WR skin not to mention it’s higher tiers. Even excluding the vastly superior engine and gfx of WR, it’s skins are so much more detailed and made with love instead of money grab. I know that riot kinda dropped the ball a little with valorant, etc, but PC league and WR are totally - you pay, you get something really really good for your money.

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I thought I knew of all the monster champs in lol already but now I know of Tahm kench and I just want kench in WR now along with this skin, it looks so good

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Cant wait to get the camille one unless they reveal more

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I don’t even play Camille, and I’m going to buy that skin! :star_struck:

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