ARAM strategies

Haven’t seen a thread on this yet, so let’s make one, why not?

What are some good strategies you’ve all discovered in ARAM? It’s a slightly different beast than ARAL, so I’m interested in how you all are playing it.

The biggest difference to me is that in ARAL, you get a much better return on not killing the opposing players. In ARAM though, I think this is still effective, but doesn’t matter quite as much. For one, in 3v3, your choice to not kill is more impactful (33% of the team playing optimally), where in 5s, you’re only 20%, so it’s less likely your teammates will let your tactic play out. Better to just kill and kill and kill and hope to apply turret pressure gradually.

A super fun tactic is to go up the enemy lane via the side jungle and proxy farm, poaching minion waves as they come down between the first and second turret. This lets your four other teammates apply turret pressure. Works best if you see a couple members of the enemy team low on health and trying to play cautious.

Another tactic - if you’re a ranged hero, try to make clearing enemy cams one of your main duties. Don’t make your melee teammates do it, since they’ll have to risk being in dangerous positions to do so.

Also, about cams, place them as close to your turret as possible. Make it hard for the enemy to reach them. This should be commonplace for most folks, but I still see it A LOT and it gets my corpus goat every time.


I’m not sure much on strategies within ARAM.

Would probably say if you get a captain, just go captain, the benefits to the team are immense.

I see a lot of people not paying attention to how many teammates are still alive and then trying to go straight into a fight and do 3v5, so knowing when to defend and when to attack is a good thing to be aware of.