Aptitudes Project and one for the 1st hero-Adagio

So I have learnt that Vainglory has taken the idea of the Talent system from Heroes of the Storm which has the Talent system for normal modes. That sparks an idea in me: why don’t we have that in Vainglory? So I and my friends have been working this project which essentially the Talents-in-normal modes. In this project, everyone will have a set of 3 Aptitudes that alter their gameplay just like the normal mode but the way to get this is that you have to complete one of 3 mid-match assignments for each Aptitude to get them. These are unlockable and usable mid match but will be reset after every match and you will have to reunlock them every match. These aren’t upgradable to avoid P2W.
So here are the first Aptitudes and assignments for Adagio:

+Pact of Life and Death: Gift of Fire (A) and Avenging Wrath (B) will apply a 10% as effective version of each other.

+Renewal Fire: Arcane Fire (Perk) will heal him for 7.5% of the damage dealt burning enemy heroes

+Verse of Destruction: Verse of Judgement (Ult) deals 30% more damage and now stuns all enemies caught in for 1s it no matter if they are being burned with Arcane Fire or not but it takes longer for him to channel. Burning enemies will be stunned 1s longer. 1s longer channelling time


+A1: Heal allies for 4000 HP and provide 10 buffs to allies.

+A1: Kill 2 enemies with Agent of Wrath basic attacks.

+A1: Have a buffed teammate killed 3 enemies.

+A2: Deal 1000 damage to enemies with Arcane Fire.

+A2: Kill 2 enemies while they are being burned with Arcane Fire.

+A2: Burn enemies with Arcane Fire for a total of 120s.

+A3: Get a three-man stun with one Verse of Judgement.

+A3: Get a Double Kill with one Verse of Judgement.

+A3: Stun 10 enemies in total with Verse of Judgement.


Well @Xaldarian @hazeleyes @Ve3nNo0wM @ANGERY how do you all think?

Strangely… I like it… rewards for performing well in game… numbers can always be fine tuned… but the idea is good.


The problem with this suggestion (which in itself isn’t bad actually) is that skills will be used to hit certain milestones.
Much like Catherines perk where you stun every time your stun is up to increase your defense instead of timing an ideal moment for the stun.

I would much rather have it linked to unconditional objectives. Adagio with CP buff gets his legendary talent but without any damage modifier. So just healing verse. Without any damage.

I would be for changes like this.

Call of champions from space-time studios have an ideal talent system. Look it up


My assignments are only suggestions. You all can change that.

Uh and btw, can you give me an example of an unconditional objectives? I’ll make according to your suggestion

What we should have is a skill tree outside of the game at no cost at all. We nerf all skills in the entire game by a certain factor and then allow two buff options.

Gift of fire :fire: pick one :fire:
1% cp burst heal
Increased burn duration 1% cp

Verse of judgement
CP will guarantee an aoe stun. 2% CP duration increase so 100 cp increases the stun from 0.1 to 0.3.

Verse of healing
CP damage cut in half no stun.
10% Health ratio for aoe burst heal within his zone.

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Ok I see so we can incorporate the already existing talents with my new Aptitudes. Nice. :slight_smile:

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And now each day I’ll post my Aptitudes for 1 hero. Tommorow: Ardan (btw I’ve preped everything would you like to take a look?)

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i like the idea, but just remember to be careful with stats so nothing op becomes easily attainable.
just like xaldarian said above, the only problem would be the cath mindset, i think the best way to avoid this is just make the goals naturally done like you did with the current assignments, but will take a long time to complete.
another example of the assignments kind of system is in league, quests for support items. basically different kinds of gold earning items for supports (ye no ambient gold) have different quests, the offensive one gives you gold for hitting enemy champions and turrets, one makes dead minions drop coins/mana for you to pick up, and one you have to last hit minions (but that one gives full gold valueto your ally as well), and to complete quests you have to gain a certain amount of gold using those items’ passive abilities, just telling you this in case you want more references

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Or make certain items affect skills like @ANGERY suggests.

Having 1000 bonus health increasing healing ratio.

Effective skill range scaling with CP 0.5 bonus range per 100 CP.

Stuff like that.

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1st thing: how to make your thread editable by other people?
2nd thing: it seems like I’m about to scrap the entire assignment part here for you to edit