April Champion Background: Kensei

As the challenge overlord, I am happy to announce that the Kensei default skin artwork is now available to choose from as a forum background for the month of May!

Congrats to @Guest_78 on being named April’s Champion.


Yeah boy!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Kensei!!! It’s the best splash art, and you all know that :wink:

YEET! Bf is and always will be <3

But Kensei maybe the more stronger swordsman :mask:

I find BF really strong, and he can beat Kensei in early :wink:

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Congrats, Lance is crying now @Guest_78 , why Kensei not me -says lance and rolling away .

Despite being a lance main (he is the only hero I’ve used every single update no matter what and it’s always been miles ahead of my other most used heroes), none of his splash arts were epic enough for me to chose them.