App Crashes & Slow Restart

This is happening more and more frequently. App crashes, immediately shows hero art, as if to trick you into thinking you’ll be immediately back into the game, before it transitions to the black screen with “connecting…” in the bottom left kcorner, before transitiong to the game being over or your teammates having surrendered as you “desserted” the match.

This never used to happen on my device (Pixel 3). It happens, I’d say, 40% of my games.

Anyone know the strength of Rogue servers? Any news on what that transition will be like, if there will be any difference, from SEMC to Rogue?

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That’s actually a good point, the part about servers. See this is where semc glossing over info is annoying, as we have no idea whose servers the game is going to be played on in the future, things of that nature. Vainglory is not a casual game by design, as much as semc seemed to try to steer it in that direction. Those kind of details are important to the kind of gamers that want to take this game seriously (and spend money on it long term).

I really do hope rogue takes a different approach to informing the community. I don’t think semc is wrong in all things where relaying info is concerned but the general attitude was weighted towards a casually playing audience, and, like…you can’t make this game casual AND keep the same core gameplay and mechanics. You would have to change a lot to fit the demographic.

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Rogue recently confirmed on Twitter no servers have been shut down, or will be shut down in the near future.

Happend to me as well. If the game doesn’t crash it will constantly lag. But only in 5v5 and it just takes forever to reconnect. Sometimes the app would crash twice in one minute. You basically re-enter the game and it kicks you out again, usually leading to a defeat. I’m ok with not playing 5v5 but then they had the brillant idea to remove 3v3 casual and i’m stuck playing cancer blitz or ranked 3v3

Another failed promise from SEMC, by the way - they mentioned far quicker reload times from any potential crashes.

Not only are my reload times slow, but I’ve never had issues with the app closing/crashing before! Oy vey.

So does that mean that the game is going to be played on semc’s servers even if rogue is developing? And is rogue gonna fix server issues or semc? This is what I’d like to know, as I’ve noticed the odd lag issues myself, and lost many a game due to teamates completely lagging out repeatedly (or so they said)

I highly doubt they will migrate servers. It’s not as though SEMC has to be the one to operate the current servers.

As for what they will do to fix any existing issues, that remains to be seen. For me, a priority would be better east coast networking. As someone who travels, I get 40 ms right now in CA, completely stable, no issue. On the east coast though, it’s easily 80-120 ms no matter the network, and worse stability.