API sites: Unsanctioned matches

Had 4 games today. An embarrassing Skye win (got carried), GJ and Joule wins (5v5), and a Rona ranked win. Yet only Joule match got displayed on every API sites. Refreshing the API pages doesn’t help.

Also a problem is data mismatches between in-game and API sites, such as invalid VST (I’m T5 gold 1353, displayed as T5 silver 1328 @ vgpro), I figured this was the result of the API disregarding my Ranked match.

Some of the API data (basically, your player stats) isn’t updated at the end of a match but rather at the start of the NEXT match. So things like your rank points and VST will always be one match behind in the API.

It’s poor design, but that’s what we’re stuck with.