AoV Players?

So after my week haitus from Vainglory, I decided to bite the bullet and try either ML or AoV. ML was taking too long to download so I downloaded AoV.

To preface this, Vainglory is by far the superior game in terms of gameplay, visuals, and strategy and I have spent thousands of hours enjoying every bit of it.

Yet, upon downloading AoV, I was shocked at how user friendly it is. I have achievements, quests ( that actually do something ), and a lot of different aspects that give a game mode designed to restart after every match a sense of progression. I could see my match history, match details, and hero proficiency in game. They even have customizable builds with suggestions from pro players or match statistics. I could share my matches or achievements if I so desired and the UI, although a bit bright for my VG mind, is pretty simple. Even my matches were superior to VG, as everyone seemed to be my skill level - bad.

Currently I’m giving it a chance, although I keep trying to stutter step with a joystick and I can’t seem to aim abilities for :poop: .

Anyone else happen to play, want to play, or have any tips ?

IGN. LookAMoose
Region. NA


I play it occasionally and I’m honestly probably not good at it as I think I am but man I enjoy it so doesn’t matter. If you’ve just gotten into it and if you haven’t yet I’d say play around with settings in game like what your character aims for first and such, it made it better as I was then able to better choose who I attack


I play it as well, mainly when my kids are around so we can play together. I find AoV to be loads of fun, and I’m especially enamored of the Hook Wars mode that’s available on weekends.

My current favorite heroes are highlighted:


AOV is like, a lot of fun. Its less stressful than VG and the lane phase is more forgiving because there’s lots of lane sustain and no last hit required. Also there are heroes who can instakill with just some easy taps and swipes like Veera, Joker and some can literally 1v5 like Lauriel my main. Srsly I had 400 matches with 70% winrate on her and she got me to 100 stars.


You are going to have to teach me how to play Lauriel, because I tried her and thought she was kind of weak. :man_facepalming: Obviously, I didn’t have a clue how to use her correctly.

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The basics are carefully land your A, use B to dash AROUND (not straight up all in) enemies (make sure you dash in your auto attack range) and time your B to immune enemy’s CC like Nakroth when he ends his ult or Lubu when 3rd A (the hardest thing about Lauriel - but most rewarding). Make sure you stay in your ult for the cooldown hack. But there is more to that, I had spent month practicing her so I know the angles or when a Violet’s gonna use her A or when Airi’s gonna use her ult…to dance around and outmaneuver them. So I think practice makes perfect.
There are plenty of Lauriel highlights on Youtube that you can enjoy and have eyes orgasm to :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
What I love about AOV heroes is that their kits have infinite outplay potential (Murad, Flash, Liliana…) unlike VG heroes who are meta because of broken numbers and stats cough…:b:inetic…cough…


My fav hero in AoV is that ICE Hammer Cyborg looking character. Can’t remember her name.

So tanky and so much damage.

I also made a AoV U.I review and was pleasantly surprised on how user friendly it is.

I have been messing around with it but it’s weird. I’m used to hitting minions and then trading when I want but I can’t get it to hit minions once a hero is in range. Reccomendations ?

I’ve only played it a day so I only have a couple heroes. Instalocked Yorn ( Yoran, Yurn? ) for something like a 10 win streak. However, by watching some AoV youtube, Tulen looks like the most fun and the closest to my play style. Is he any good ? Don’t see many :joy:

I don’t need to last hit ?


You don’t need to, but you get more gold if you do. Otherwise, it’s like your teammates and minions all have Ironguard Contracts. :minions_happy_t1:


was just easier to show what I’ve set them to, can pick minions or enemies when you like

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