Anyone Play the new update 2.12 Vainglory Tutorial?

I’m not intentionally trying to create a new account… but i find the tutorial very well done…
You get to use Koshka and your “teacher” is Catherine.

Forgive me if this is not new… Its new to me after i updated to 2.12

I particularly enjoy how they made a little story telling between Koshka and Catherine… actually made learning fun.

Even when you die, there’s a short dialogue between the student Koshka and the teacher Catherine.

It’s Pouncy Fun~!



I haven’t tried it yet, but that sounds really neat actually… is it paced out over a full-ish match, or is it a series of vignettes (i.e. “here’s the jungle” “here’s the turrets” “here’s the crystal” “here’s the badass dragons”)?

Did you get any rewards for doing it?

I believe it stated in the patch notes that Koshka and Catherine would be rewarded.

First part is how to auto-attack and use your abilities, second is how to push turrets with the help of minions, third is an introduction to the shop, and also the first time you destroy the Vain (you get 15.3k gold for every turret lel). Then there’s a 2v2 bot match.
There isn’t really any talk about the Jungle, in fact you can’t even enter it until the bot match.

The whole thing is heavily narrated, like @Ve3nNo0wM said Catherine is the teacher, she calls you “little assassin” or something. It’s actually pretty cute in my opinion, even though it never goes in depth, for instance about the items etc. I can understand that they don’t want to lose their new players under a massive friendly fire of info, but then I think the Academy should be put in the spotlight once you exit the tuto.

You get Catherine and Koshka, but surpringly enough no more skin, glory or ICE. However there is a countdown thing, and if you come back each day you’ll get Celeste, Lance, Gwen and her Gangster skin, plus 3.5k glory and a glory boost.
You also get Taka in a quest chest once you reach lvl 5, plus the leveling reward.
Of course the rewards are credited to the new account, and you can’t get them on a veteran one.


Isn’t this based off the Japanese Comic with Koshka and Catherine?

I haven’t seen the Japanese comic.
it’s not animated, it is told in a comic style though.
different pictures to suit the different expressions in their speech.
Try it out~!:grinning:

Cath voice is sexy. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Wo new players don’t get Taka now for free?

They do. At lvl5 I think. I remember seeing a quest for it after I completed the tutorial.

What about Skaarf and Ringo? .