Anyone know where I can find the 'health regen' and 'energy regen' stats for certain heroes?

I have tried the vainglorygame main website and GloryGuide’s data, but I can’t find:

  • Phinn’s health and energy regen. The main website has them, but GloryGuide doesn’t have them so I can’t double check.

I also want to double check the health and energy regen of Churnwalker and Yates. In contrast to the above, GloryGuide has the data, but the main website doesn’t.

Any suggestions can you all give?

I have tabled and double checked the health and energy regen for all the other Captains. It’s just these three left that I need to double check.

Oh, and the symbols in the screenshot means:

  • (* means double checked and confirmed).
  • (# means unable to be double checked).
  • (! means there is a disparity between sources).

Can’t help you. I just remember Varya has some insane energy regen.

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Varya and baron

I honestly don’t think the data accurate , the balance team did a lot of changes to the health and energy , so they could change the numbers constantly without updating them in the website , I don’t think the pros even care about this information

I once was watching dnzio stream when he realized that baron regen energy so fast , while I know this information already , they care about damage and they recall constantly , how much ability cost energy and how much damage they deal , recalling , that’s it .