Anyone get Smash Ultimate for the holidays?

I was wondering if anyone else here got smash ultimate (or even a switch) for the holidays because I’ve been riding the nonstop hype train for the game since it’s announcement and I wanted to see if there was anyone else here I could do friendly matches with or something. I got the game day 1 and I’ve already clocked in around 120 hours into the game, with my file almost 100% complete in terms of unlocks, spirts, and challenges. As with the other smash games (3ds/wii u especially), I’ve been having a blast with it and I don’t think I’ll ever fully put it down until the next one comes out (if ever ofc). The inherent portability and convenient multiplayer of the switch works amazingly with the game, as I’ve taken it out a few times and had a ton of fun with my friends. In addition, I think I might bother playing competitively to some degree, as I did have some comp experience with the last games and according to a lot of people ranging from my friends (who somehow have never managed to beat me) to other online randoms and some people I’ve met on discord, I’m quite good, especially with my K. Rool and Pichu.

I got it pretty close to release and have been having fun in it, been doing world of light and classic and stupid fun brawls. I don’t intend on playing online but still thought I’d chime in with how fun smash is. Trying to get use to incineroar and looking forward to getting piranha plant when that releases.

Just got it as a late present for my daughter from her grandmother. I have never played a Smash before so this is probably going to be an experience for me.

I mean I got a switch, but I’ve never really liked smash, so I didn’t bother getting or asking for ultimate.

What game did you get? Xenoblade has been my favorite Switch game so far.

I got it on release but my friend group and I use it for the ultimate drinking game. I have to assume I’m not very good because I can rarely remember playing :joy:


My fave is definitely splatoon. I really want to get Octopath traveler and BotW tho

The only change I want in Splatoon 3 is no opening scene every time I start the game.

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