Anyone else feeling this way?



but mirrors exist…
also… cant he just bend his head down?

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No I wanna see the real thing not a silly reflection :pouting_cat:

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lol. i just tried looking at my forehead and my eyebrows went up. I wouldn’t be making a angry face. lol

more like a dumb looking at the sky face.

When’s your next stream? i wanna catch it~!

Well my other 3 streams were failures cause Air Server was not working due to either my weak laptop or weak wifi connection Despite my laptop being connected to an ethernet cable. Imma stream Danganronps instead if you are interested. I am still super early on At the second investigation rn, so if you do not mind spoilers you can check it out maybe tomorrow which is when Imma go ahead and set it up

If i’m not doing anything. i’ll be tuning in for sure. Just make sure to advertise a lil by posting about it :wink:

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