Anybody else experiencing this?

My w/r is only 33% or so for 5v5 yet I play just as well as the enemy team, but my team barring MAYBE one person always plays a ton worse and end up getting their lanes destroyed, feeding the whole enemy team, and allowing my lane to be collapsed on by the whole enemy team. Do I legit have to party?

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i only solo and i got 71% win rate.
its really just luck

Yeah the one time I get a competent team we win by a landslide. None of my laners lost their lane and the only reason one of my turrets were destroyed was cause I sacrificed clearing bot to get Ghostwing. However, our Koshka seemed to have the 3v3 mentality of “DUN TAKE MY FARM Even though it was the WP buf which is all I wanted” and was pinging me a lot early on while I was taking the buff to get on my lane. So many junglers need their farm greed pushed out already cause even in 3v3 it is very annoying unless the laner legit keeps taking your farm and is holding you back.

as the laner, you NEED jungle farm early on. buff+heal camps=level 2
this is really important for the side laners. makes it nearly impossible for the enemy jungler to gank them.

Well not everyone seems to understand that. I did not get the heal camp just so my jungler would not get even more frustrated

they should rename the jungler to ganker. the only camps i never take as a laner or roam are the two back camps with the money in them. the rest is fair game, depending on the situation.

When you talk about Koshka in 5v5, all I’m remembering is some lunatic, goddam slippery as heck kitty that just goes running around killing my teammates. God save me.

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Honestly on first rotation the WP buff camp should go to jungle.

This helps clear time a lot.

As a laner take ambient on first rotation but leave the WP buff alone on first rotation.

A starved jungler is a jungler who cant gank.

Consistently laners steal everything from my jungles in the early game, i might get to clear 2 camps on first rotation most times.

As kestral says “stay in your lane”.

This is my experience. In one match I’ll have a set of Vainglorious on my team and I’ll be the lowbie, and in the next match I’ll have everyone between T5 and 6 except for one Just Beginning, where the other team is all T5 and this throws the match.

Mine is probably around 50/50.

There is a pretty heavy skill distribution in games right now. Also, individual mechanical skill doesn’t make as big of an impact. Positioning and team play is much more important now. It’s really difficult to hard carry in 5v5, even if you are a mechanical god you can’t cover the entire map if the opposing team split pushes.

lol i was playing as my man Sammy boy in bot (top?) lane and i was going 7-2 and still lost. It wasn’t a case of “oh teammate was shit and they should feel bad” because the guy who fed (a skaarf) was doing his best and helped me out a lot but I don’t think he understood what defending mid lane meant XD