Any other switch owners here?

So with the huge Nintendo direct that happened, (which officially made my sm4sh machine, the Wii U, worthless) I wanted to know if anyone else has a switch. I know @Rikikoo has one bc I have him added, but I don’t know about anyone else. Playing stuff like ARMS, splatoon, and later this year, sm4sh with others on here would be cool.

I’ve got one. 30 characters here.

Hecc mind adding me or something?

My friend code is “4349-0511-1230”. Go for it friendo

I’ve sent a request!

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Accepted, I think. Love the profile pic btw, fire emblem is great :slight_smile:

Thanks to both
Yea, excluding Awakening and the Fates trio, the non-weeb games are great I did play em tho and the weeb transition didn’t bother me that much but that’s prolly bc I’m a weeb

What’s the difference between the weeb and non-weeb ones genuine question?

I enjoyed Awakening and all three Fates as much as I did the others. They’ve got the fire emblem formula and gameplay in there under all the awful story writing and waifu emblem. I think conquest was a good challenge atleast .

Add me fams SW-2563-1511-1629

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All of the FE games before Awakening (and SoV) did have some amount of anime tropes in the characters (but that’s to be expected in a Japanese game), but in Awakening and Fates, almost all of the characters follow a single anime trope and they don’t get much development outside of that trope. Plus, they put a heavier emphasis on shipping, with confession cutscenes, waifu petting, and child units being things.

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Sure do. The only games I own at the moment that are multiplayer are:

Mario Kart

PM me if you want a friend code :thumbs:

I’ve got a switch but right now I’ve only got pokken for multiplayer, eventually I’ll get other multiplayer games

Gimme that friend code fam :ozo:

@Blaizeus @Rikikoo @dream
I guess I have the largest switch library (mostly thanks to all the amazing deals on ports back on black friday here in the us), so definitely feel free to ask me about some games I have if you’re interested in any of them fams

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Is very late(cuz I forgot) and dunno if you still want codes but here you go if ya want

ok I sent the request fam

So you have splatoon 2, you like playing salmon run a lot? Also what weapons do you like using?

Yup, definitely. Salmon run is great. I usually use duelies, squelchers, and aerosprays, but I’m decent with the other weapons except chargers.

Yea salmon run, I definitely know I play salmon run way more than turf wars lol, it’s just so much fun. How are squelchers? haven’t tried those out yet