Any help is appreciated! (Still open to suggestions!)

Edit: Thank you to everyone who contributed here! You guys are awesome and seriously helped me get my head on straight! I appreciate all of you!

So to start, my current 5v5 winrate is 45.41%, just dropped back to POA Bronze after almost hitting Gold. My winrate is the lowest it has ever been since I started playing, by far. I generally hover 57%-62%.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well I am at a loss for what is happening.

Some of this is related to recent MM issues, and a troll here and there. That much I know. (Note, I am not blaming anyone but myself here. Just pointing out some instances that were out of my control.)

Now I am not a terrible player by any means. I keep up with the META, am mostly proficiant in counter building (I still make some questionable decisions at times), my positioning is decent most of the time, etc.

However something is wrong somewhere with my own gameplay, and pinpointing it is not very easy for me as I am exhausting avenues to research my own play.

So here is my plan:

-Keep a written diary of my games to help find holes.

-Tighten my hero pool up in all postitions. (I think this is one of the issues I am having. I may have tried to expand the pool too soon.)

-Watch more of my replays and basically critique every move and decision.

Now here is my request to anyone who has the time. If possible I would like some extra eyes to look over what I have available and give me some critism.

IGN: PumpkinKing666

My IGN for looking up my VGpro, or any other api you prefer.

Mobcrush: PumpkinKing666

If you have the time, almost all of my ranked matches are found here in previous broadcast history. Apologies for some language and rage, I am not perfect. Lol

I appreciate anyones help who may come along here. Also, any suggestions for monitoring my own play are greatly appreciated! Maybe I am missing something that I should be doing to analyze myself.

Thank you for reading!

Goodluck on The Rise/Fold everyone!

If this is in the wrong spot please feel free to move it!


Make sure to document food you been eating, position, what’s going on in life, how you slept the night before, and your emotional state. The body and mind are complex


Noted! :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, position meaning how I am positioned while playing?

Thank you for the reply! This should most definitly help. :slight_smile:

Yes body position and finger placement.

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I dont think win rate matters in 5v5 , the matchmaker broken
I had a game with 3 worthy foe players against 3 vainglorious players a couple days ago !

I dont see knowledge or careful play or even counter playing works
Its about playing with a party and hope to win , i enjoy 3v3 more
But i do practice some heroes in 5v5 , then use them in 3v3 later

I’m not sure I’m suited to be giving advice, I’m lower tier than you but that’s because I barely rank (or so I like to think…) I’ll try breaking down a couple of your matches.

Your game as Samuel: good build and your skill order was good too, you overdrove the correct skills. SF first was probably for the best against all that lifesteal, but imo you should’ve got dragons eye earlier instead of at 18 minutes. Also a reflex block instead of heavy shield for the Baptiste probably could have been enough. I also prefer starting with two crystal bits, then on first back picking up another CB, energy battery and light shield. Your cs is also not the greatest, I personally have a hard time farming as Sam but it’s something you have to overcome :confused:
Btw light shield early is very good, you can sell it later if you have to but it makes the early game easier.

Your game as Ardan - I imagine the BF was afk? Unfortunate. (Also the builds were pretty crappy there but yours is fine)

Your game as Reza - I don’t think stormcrown is a good buy on Reza imo. In this case since the glaive didn’t seem to do too much I suppose it’s alright, but otherwise I’d recommend getting MJ. If you must, keep SGB for the laning phase. Also unfortunate your Vox threw, more matchmaker problems I guess. It also looks like you got piercing shard before the enemy had much shield. Probably best to go heavy prism and build BM from there in that scenario. Also - cs issues again :confused:

Your game as Adagio - build seems fine, maybe a slightly earlier infuse, like after you get BP maybe.

Skye - I think you shouldn’t get FB on Skye but that’s me. The build on Skye I prefer is DE CW BM Eve. Apparently you were laning against XenoTek - and Skye’s not the greatest midlaner - pretty unfortunate. Blame matchmaker!

Should I go further back? And I hope this was ok :slight_smile:

Don’t beat yourself up, it’s far harder to impact the results of a 5v5 match as an individual so your personal stats (imo) become less relevant.

Do you watch any pro streamers/you tubers?

Looking at your games you’re making some questionable draft choices (again just my opinion), for example top lane CP idris, or an offensive Baptiste roam. But I also think you might be running into some variance… have you tried stickning with one of two roles, you seem to flip around a lot.

Recently I’ve devoted time to trying to learn the top lane (hardest lane imo), here your really trying to not give anything away, you need hero’s with decent sustain as you’ll often be outdamaged or double teamed by enemy lane/jungler, or I’ll roam with a focus on supporting mid/top lane.

Should get a SF on Skye imo, she has AEO skills so applying mortal wounds and the passive to more than one target ramps up that DMG. EVE is okay but since touve already bought a CW I don’t see much point in lowering your DMG output, SKYE is all about massive DMG not long sustains.

True, my bad. I like eve because it let you pull off 1v3s in 3v3 :slight_smile: I haven’t really played her in 5v5.

I’ve always been frustrated at the ranked ladder because somehow my brother always managed to be around 2 tiers above me, even though when we 1v1 he is clearly no better than I, and when I play with him, I can easily keep up with a full team at his tier. Recently, though, I found the source of the problem, and have managed to work around it. I’ll give you the Short version.

I have ADHD. This prevents me from concentrating for longer periods of time, usually after about 20-30 or so minutes I get distracted, no matter what it is I’m doing. I refuse to take medication for it, because I do find it has advantages too (my creative mind, have you seen my fan heroes) and because I just generally don’t agree with medication as a view. Anyway, this was rubbing off on my games: I could often win a ranked easily, be all hyped up, play another, lose concentration, and just crash and tilt from there. When I realised this was because of the ADHD, I resolved to never play more than one Rank without taking a break from the game in between. As a result, I’m not yet at my brother’s tier, but I am climbing.

This was supposed to be short. sorry.

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Same for me two days ago. Dropped to poa bronze and even foe a game to t8g before the first win. Absurd, like 7 loses in a row and in most I personally played good, but had… questionable team mates + strong enemy ones.

GG but lets not forget that elo system is not good for short comparisons, it’s created for long term observation of skill. Such diviations are normal and expected . In the end when you avarage it, the line will show your true elo.

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Thank you for such a detailed response!

That Samuel game was really rough for me. My CS was terrible largely in part to being 1v2d and 1v3d with no back up through the early game. :confused: And I oopsed my build as I usually go DE into a CW and kind of auto piloted after I got SF by mistake. Haha great analysis though! Mid lane is a huge weak spot for me, so this should help me next time! :slight_smile:

BF AFK’d in this game, but not officially. He spammed pings and abilities from base after 5 mins or so. That player has also been harrassing me on stream and ingame. That is def not a good representation of my Arden play. He is by far my strongest Captain. So bad game in general haha

The Reza game was bad. I picked up reza for someone else and they didnt swap me. So I defaulted to an old build cause I havent play a lot of reza lately, so I had no idea what to do. Haha Same issue farming as the sam game. 1v2 or 3 all game and no helps.

I def have to change up my skye build. I usually like to go FB first to keep my barrage on target better, but it has not been running great lately. I might try Xenos build I saw on youtube if I use CP Skye in the future. It wrecked hard. (SG/DE/BM/Eve I believe was the build)

I think this is more than sufficiant! Thank you for taking the time to be so thorough! It is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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For skye I tend to have more fun playing her as wp especially since her abilities are so aa reliant, and it just feels natural more natural to me.

I witnessed that ninja edit. 100%.

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I keep up on a few youtubers/streamers. XenoTek, ttigers, Excoundrel are my go to guys. I also watch the VPL but dont have a ton of time to catch a lot of streams live.

I have made a few questionable decisions lately for sure! Had another response from DarkNerdRage over on reddit about this, and its basically figured out to be low key tilt.

I am now cutting down my hero pool and dedicating myself to Bot primary, Jungle secondary whenever I can. These are my best positions by far, with cap being the next if I need to fill.

I have definitely been flip flopping too much in positions lately though.

Thank you for the response! :slight_smile:


I have been loving WP skye, especially trying to main bot lane she is a good pick against the right comps!

Ive been running SB/PS/BP as my core on her, I am still learning, hows that core on WP skye in your opinion?

Honestly I’m not the best to ask I am still playing around with her but I found jungle is where I do the best work. Maybe @hazeleyes can give you some help with wp skye

That’s what I run, it’s a good build overall and works well on Skye because she’s so mobile she can keep stacking.

Ill get some practice with it hopefully tomorrow!

Glad to know it isnt a trash build. Haha

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I personally prefer sm over sb if you want to play around a bit