Anka is tooo much

Is it just me or this is the same broken hero from mobile legnds i tried ML for 3 days and there was a hero that kept killing me in 2sec

but there are ways to stop anka.

  1. some def. it helps. easy to do in solo q. unlike the rest.
  2. pressure her early with the team
  3. draft heroes with stuns or make sure you have some on your team in casual (never a bad thing to have) and lock her down as soon as she tries to go in
  4. ban her
  5. use her yourself whenever available (this is actually the best way to learn how to counter her and helps in any discussion. e.g.: if you can go from mid tier to t10 with her, you have a really good case that she is too much)
atm she seems good, but banned allmost all the time. and 51% win rate isnt even that broken.
it just seems like cp assassins work a bit too well, or that the player base has not adjusted to those type of assassin yet.