Anka in 3vs3

  • Fun to play against!
  • Time to just quit this game.

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Like… really? I thought I was starting to enjoy VG again (up to a point, with all the things broken and bugged) by simply ignoring 5vs5 and playing the mode that used to keep me captivated.
I’m sticking to Casuals, as balance is a complete cluster-fuck. Of course that means no bans. Queue Anka. 1vs3 npnp. 1vs3 under enemy tower npnp.

Like… really now. Does the playtesting even include 3vs3 anymore, or should I just uninstall?

I find she REALLY needs to rely on her abilities, her basic attacks dont cut it.

A really good counter is Tony, his perk plus taunt works wonders on her. His base tankyness and buying aegis and/or slumbering husk makes him unkillable to her. But thats my experience


If you ever catch me playing Tony (when I’m not cheesing Blitz for dailies), please end me.

Edit: That may be sound advice, by the way, and I do appreciate it… but really. Having to play cheese heroes to counter obviously broken OP heroes that should never have been released is just not doing it for me.

I worry about exactly this, because like you, I have stuck with 3v3 for 95% of my VG play these days.

Could not agree more. Do not enjoy playing him. The only hero I don’t own and won’t buy.


I havent played the new update yet, is she that strong?

Yeah she is extremely strong and even easy to use with joysticks.

Her dagger+teleport can be cast on anything…

she has better armor and shield compared to bf with slightly lower health
cmon that’s not funny

Shit, and i though she was going to be squishy…

How about her burst? Is It that high?

Its height isn’t the issue. You have to be blind as a bat to miss with her.

Her A B and C are foolproof…
Thought Taka was easy to play? Add a teleport and two aoe skills…

Really? I was expecting her to be harder.

Her teleport requires you to land an easy skillshot on anything… Missed the hero hit a minion? No problem you can either not jump or still jump because you have the gap closed.

I would set her skill req on easy… Taka is more difficult to use.

She is about as difficult as koshka…

To be honest I’m about done with VG and not because of the cycle of broken hero’s on release (that’s the meta now).

But because 3v3 is a joke, you’ve got tier 8 players in VG bronze trolls and general scum bags playing in every match (my in game experience last night was horrific. Being first draft I was called a noob for playing lane by a duoq who wanted me to roam for them, they then wished my mum would die, she did, about 6 months ago). The standard is just horrible now.

And 5v5 isn’t my better, with obviously boosted players sitting in VG bronze and Tier 9 gold, players that don’t understand the basic rotations of the game.

Who needs this toxic stress which virtually every game becomes lately? I play to relax not to stress myself out.

RIP VG it was fun whilst it lasted.