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Anka/General Jungler Help?


The debate over wp vs CP for anka is a reflection of the one thing I see wrong with Vainglory: an obsession over what is “meta”. Half the heroes aren’t used. The same few are banned. We all know this so I won’t go on.

Objectively speaking, there is no debate. CP Anka is far better than WP. It doesn’t mean WP couldn’t be effective or fun.

Build path aside, I recommend practing against bots. Dominate vs. very easy. Then easy. Then keep progressing up. The bots get surprisingly more challenging at hard and very hard.

If your goal is to play Anka in ranked matches, unfortunately you need to play into the META and go CP and snag a spellfire first item. If you don’t, you’re warned. You will get thumbs down for trolling, people will ping you all game, and you’ll eventually land on lpq.

As someone who likes to go off-META, I don’t see how wp anka would be nearly as fun as CP.

Good luck with her. She’s fun.


Recommendation - a suggestion that something is good or suitable for particular purpose or job.

Don’t think you understand this one.

Also his question was trying to improve and how. Playing a non-viable buildpath of the hero he’s trying to make work won’t help this at all, actually even make it harder and worse.

You don’t need to start anything. Casual and Ranked don’t share MMR. That’s a fact not an opinion.

If anything COULD possibly work with some very limited circumstances why would you recommend anything? If everything is the same why’s there recommendations? You can do literally anything. And again, look up the definition of recommendation. The op wanted recommendations. This is why I’m even arguing. It’s like he’s asking how to shoot a gun and you tell him to aim for his leg. How would he improve if he’s playing WP Anka? And don’t tell me how you play casually, it isn’t about you. You didn’t post this question. You can go back and read what was asked.


WP Anka isn’t gonna help his gameplay though. I mean if you can’t land helios you don’t go WP Celeste. You find other ways to improve. Again, sure if you like WP Anka play it in casual I really don’t care but op asked about suggestions to become better. WP Anka is counter productive on it’s own. How could she stay and fight with her defense? It’s like much worse WP Taka and he’s already bad. CP farming is muuuuch easier. If you’re talking jungle and it’s low tier (aka you don’t duo the jungle) just get a banner early game. You can clear pretty damn easily on your own.

You don’t overcome problems by hiding and running from them.


This isn’t about obsession with meta. There’s people who like CP Ardan, WP Ardan, Roam Ardan. They play him however they want because the hero is made to be viable like that. WP Anka isn’t. Many heroes are made to be viable in multiple ways even without ratios. Just having abilities that have synergy with items for example. Some heroes though have no viable buildpath besides one (I mean CP, WP or roam not items and order).

That’s kinda the point… she’s not.


Ok. That wasnt the point. You said that playing Casual is like playing with bots. Its not.

First of all, please dont tell me to look up the definition of recommendation.

He wanted advice and I gave him (@Geenmen did a great explanation on why WP in jungle) something to read from and decide whether he wanted to attempt or not. Im done talking. Lets just say I beg to differ :alphabarf:


I agree with you. I was trying to be polite. I just try not to hate so hard on someone’s idea in a video game forum. Again, I believe we’re all in agreement that the only viable option for anka is a CP build. We’ve made that clear. It is fine if someone still wants to try WP anka - we shouldn’t be upset over that. We’ve provided the necessary information and have given input as to advice for playing anka. This thread is getting beaten to death.


I don’t hate anyone on here lol. As I said I don’t care if anyone wants to play WP Anka, their choice. But op asked for help about hero and I don’t think that suggestion will help at all. My opinion and I still stand behind it. I am not upset about it. Just saying what I think.


I mean you went against the definition of it what’s the problem of me showing it if you’re wrong? You yourself said that WP Anka isn’t good outside of casual. And by the way I just said that if jungle is that big of a problem you could just get a banner for 600 gold and be done with it. Anyway whatever you want.


But I didnt? Hmm maybe I didnt word it better?

Atleast we agree on something :potoo: < 3


Never said you did, mate. Just said I try not to hate on someone’s idea. I agree with your opinion. WP Anka is a poor recommendation.


Playing something off meta path could help improve playing the hero in general which means better understanding and better chance to be good in their intended path , I am bad at assassins especially their cp path and I have no idea why , like the only one is black feather I could play him both paths , so if you going to play them wp you won’t rely on abilities and just test the hero and basic attack , it could teach you how to escape as anka or how squishy you are , but it won’t teach you if you have enough cp damage to delete someone .

Like I could play all roam heroes as carries because I played them as captains , but I don’t do it that much , wp Ardan is strong and I can win fights easily .