Anka/General Jungler Help?


So I bought Anka, went into a match as her.

i did piss poor at her

I do know what were the factors at my horrible performance which is basically “I don’t know how to play as Anka” and “I haven’t played Jungle in so long that I forgot rotations and all that”

So, any advice?


Don’t constantly stay in a fight. You are an assassin not a bruiser.

Always spam B at close range. It’s your primary source of damage.

Use your ultimate either to escape or to deal extra burst damage by splitting your clones and marking an enemy with a dagger, than immediately teleport behind them just as the clones return to you.

Hold onto your basic attack until your enemies are fairly low on health in order to finish them off quickly.


To add: you should be the last one on your team to engage in the team fight. Anka can drop like a fly if she is the first target of a half decent enemy team.


Id say give WP Anka a try, it should help jungling a bit (clear speed)
Im a bit detached from the meta so Im not sure if this is like a taboo but Imo WP Anka almost as scary as CP

As Anka its all about your timing with jumping into fights, whether your stealing an OBJ or finishing someone off.

IMO your should stick to 1v1 or lay in the back during a team fight only jumping into it once at least 1 enemy has taken a decent amount of damage

If your rushing to an OBJ thats about to be capped I think you should use your attack not to kill someone capping it but doing that final chunk of damagr to the OBJ so its your teams Cap

If you see a krul or reim. Run. And dont fall for Kestrals traps.

If your up against a stun comp or a root comp let them waste their stun abilities first before hopping in. Otherwise they will delete you because Anka is super squishy.


WP Anka makes no sense. As you said she’s very squishy so why keep her at close range? More importantly you don’t make use of her perk, her B is useless, her teleport is nice I guess and her ult is a dodge sure but on very high CD as you don’t have CP and no damage.

Listen to Anka herself - “Never be predictable.”
You need to be well aware of your damage potential. If you can’t kill a target don’t put yourself in risk. It’s kinda awkward when you dive use all abilities and someone is like 10 HP right there and just finishes you because you got everything on CD. Of course that usually doesn’t happen if you snowball or if you know your limits. They changed her A so now it stays for a lot longer which makes for some mind games of them would you teleport for real or not. So abuse that. Don’t always instantly teleport because you’ll get bursted. Use all kinds of distraction to your advantage. Kinda obvious but when you ult try to teleport to/outrun your target so that the clones hit for a big burst. You just have to be unpredictable and keep moving. She’s not the easiest hero to play so it might take some practice I guess.


Anything is possible if your skilled enough. And the same thing can go for WP Varya as well. WP has nothing beneficial to Varyas kit but if played well, it can work.


That still doesn’t make it make sense though…? It could work maybe but not against someone that knows what’s going on and again that doesn’t mean it’s good. WP Varya has a dash, her ult gives her attack speed and her perk hits twice. Tell me what Anka has besides teleport? Even then I don’t like WP Varya and I wouldn’t want her in my ranked ever, unless it’s enemy team. And even WP Varyas weren’t here when her 2nd hit of passive didn’t have WP damage.


Anything can work till you meet someone that is similar skill level as you and he picks a meta hero or atleast play X hero as it’s designed to be played. :slight_smile:


Im a yanka 1 trick. Rush spellfire, then get halcyon chargers for energy and because boots are op, clockwork for more cooldown, then broken myth or shatterglass if the enemy has no shield. Anka is the strongest abuser of spellfire. 1 knife from your B and your opponents will take the full SF damage, so you can pretty much do AoE pokes really easily. Anka is meta just below the top tier heroes like the broken captains and kinethicc.

Hmm ive only uploaded one anka match in ranked. The rest are scrims which i have to keep private or cut down montages which dont show much. Hopefully this can give you an idea of how to play anka?


Not what I was saying though. You said it was dumb. And I said it wasn’t. Yes WP Varya has more attributes that can help her WP path but the same goes with Anka.

Shes still an assassin so she needs to be played like one.
Her A allows you to get onto your foe and basic attack them (TB says hi). Her B is still a good wave clear-er and her ult is obviously for a dodge. The execute plus TB and the regular assassin WP build still does decent amount of damage.

Also the op never said anything about whether or not if the play style has to be Ranked approve so in casuals, anything can work.


So she has a dodge on like 50 sec CD. Teleport on around 8. B doesn’t do anything. Her passive scales with CP so again no damage. She just doesn’t have anything for WP.

Well isn’t it?

When someone asks for tips I personally think we should try to help not say random thing that could work in casual because you’re basically doing online bots. It just makes no sense. Here’s an example. I ask you for tips about Koshka or Celeste, would you recommend me to play them WP? I don’t think anyone would. Yes I am damn sure I can destroy buncha players that have the game for 1 week and matched me because of the wonderful match maker but that doesn’t make it a good tip or viable. And Koshka even has more to offer than Anka as WP. Would you really recommend her if someone asked?


How is it random? Just because its not the intended path doesnt mean it shouldn’t be told to be played. Also you underestimate casual mode since its pretty much randomized on both sides based on ranked.

And since I play casually and not competitively, why wouldn’t I tell someone to play something fun and unique?


Because it doesn’t work. The guy asked for tips for Anka because he thought he’s bad at her. Making WP Anka work is even harder and again there’s no pay off. Why would you recommend it to someone who’s struggling already? And again you didn’t answer my question. Would you recommend WP Koshka to anyone? By the way WP Ringo is intended path. CP Ringo is alternative but they work. Same with for example roam and CP Lyra. I didn’t say WP Anka is bad because she’s not intended path, the idea of it just doesn’t make sense and is not viable. So yes it is random thing.

Casual and ranked MMR is not the same though I don’t know what you mean.

Because it doesn’t work while he asked for help not ideas? He wanted to improve his performance. How would that work as a WP Anka?



Sure why not? In a casual game.

Im not even going to start. Refer to a thread about that.

Again. How do you know it doesnt work. ANYTHING can work. As long as you know what your doing. Im done repeating myself about this.


The reason I recommended WP Anka is because Bloodykasai said that he doesnt know how to use her and is struggling to jungle

Il explain:
As a CP anka your damage is all in burst abilities, however if you dont know how to use said abilities in a good sequence your left in a team fight doing nothing as a potato because your now waiting on the lovely cooldowns. This isnt fun nor does everyone want to sit through learning a hero the hard way
So with WP Anka you still have a high burst damage and you can continue to to build damage in team fights without having to wait on cooldowns

Also its easier to farm as WP than CP

During team fights though Anka wont be dealing that stupid amount of damage you see from experienced anka players, They wont be useless and can slowly adapt to Ankas kit

The point is to learn how to use Anka, im not saying go and become a vainglorious WP Anka
If you struggle with CP try WP it isnt the end of the world


The second hit of her passive deals wp damage again. So it deals double the damage of a normal carry.

Should I recommend players play wp Celeste?


Well if you do your team wont have a vision problem :joy:
(Her Auto Attacks grant vision and will also follow you until the end of time)
So for the meme strats why not
Although I prefer Alt Current Celeste over WP
Better yet I vote Captain Celeste best version

But for real Iv been schooled by a WP celeste before, but to be fair to myself she was playing with a Cath and Lance so once i got stunned by one of them it wasnt going to end well for me


Why not! If your that low of a rank, then do it. :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully that helps you in your question.


I wanted to roam so I said Iam going to roam in one of my games in 3v3 , and enemy team finished their picks , the third guy in my team decided to pick Reza , I said ok , but showed his path wp in the draft I thought he just trolling , but once the match started he actually went wp , I don’t remember playing with a wp Reza before , but the guy was playing good and we won .

But I feel anka kinda weird assassin , like the other assassins including Reza are fast and got escape abilities and perks , so I think if you going to play anka wp you going to rely on your team , while cp anka is broken and can carry the team , like I’ve seen some people spam her even with triple carry in 3v3 and win , because she doesn’t need a lot of help , she needs the distraction .


WP Varya is actually meta in 3s and has one of the highest WRs in that mode right now.