Anime style Mobile Games (April only) US Revenue Ranking

I see that most people on the forums play some type of anime game whether its FEH light or HI3 heavy anime inspired games.

We already talked and assumed about how much VG makes compared to the other mobile mobas, so I think its interesting to see other games on how much they make.

Reddit thread about it with March rankings

A copy and paste list so I dont have to write it UwU…

1.) E7
2.) DB Dokkan
3.) FGO
4.) FE Heroes
5.) DB Legends
6.) Yugioh DL
7.) Dragaalia Lost
8.) Langrisser
9.) Bleach Brave Souls
10.) Azur Lane
11.) Honkai Impact
12.) Brown Dust
13.) Naruto Blazing Ninja
14.) Girls X2 Battle
15.) Grand Summoners
16.) Destiny Child
17.) Danmachi
18.) King’s Raid
19.) Girls Frontline
20.) Onmyoji
21.) Unison League
22.) Shadowverse
23.) Sword Art Memory Defrag
24.) Alchemist Code
25.) Another Eden
26.) One Piece Treasure Cruise
27.) Moe Moe Girl
28.) Aurora Legends
29.) Food Fantasy
30.) Grand Chase

Ive dipped my toe in Epic7 multiple times but I eventually stopped playing it in whole after having burnout (not surprised).

FEH is 4th which is amazing and both nintendo games are in the top 10s so thats cool.

Honkai Impact is 11 which isnt bad compared to Azur Lane but its amazing to compare a well developed game to a lower designed game (not in a bad way but look at the graphics) and how its doing better than the superior game. :sweat_smile:

I think it’s really interesting how E7 is beating all of the long-standing animu games at the moment, especially considering how new it is and the fact that it’s not based off an already-existing IP.
Waifus truly are a powerful force in mobile game revenue