An Unlikely Friendship [Kestrel/Alpha/Catherine]

[[ Authors Note: I kinda said this in my other fan Lore about Alpha and Kestrel, (anyone guess my favorite kids?) but I see them as two people that are really close to each other. They are both nearly the same age and were raised to fight together from the time they were kids, and the way Kestrel responded to seeing Daisy mutilated/inhuman seemed to really strike to me that they were close before the incident. I like to get pretty creative with what the characters lives were like when they were younger/their lives outside the Fold, so I came up with this. Aren’t kids the darnedest things. ]]

An Unlikely Friendship

Catherine looked down at the two small humanoids in front of her. She had always wanted kids, and her ‘children’ were the Stormguard, but now, especially the youngest ones.

Kestrel and Daisy.

The Captain had planned for them to meet each other, and now here they were. Both incredibly talented and so valued that they were brought over at a young age, but the two children themselves could not be more different.

Daisy looked down at the floor, seemingly shy, or even anxious, while Kestrel held an air of confidence and ambition. Both were excited to meet the other kid… until they actually saw each other. Daisy immediately frowned as Kestrel exclaimed many things, from “Ah, so I’m not the youngest anymore,” to “Wow, I’ve never seen anyone with red hair before.” Daisy didn’t bother trying to hold a conversation, but Kestrel didn’t exactly seem disappointed.

Catherine sighed inwardly, wondering how those two would ever get along in training.

Later proof of her worry came when they did start training, and Daisy would not participate. She was simply intimidated by the hardheaded archer in the room. Being already timid enough, having someone with such a strong personality around her was apparently too much. Catherine called that day off early.

The Captain was frustrated, and even considered switching up schedules to keep the two from hindering each other, even though she valued the younger ones having someone to relate to so they can still have some childhood and developmental growth. A few days later, however, Catherine witnessed something that was peculiar.

The two were in the training room, and the door was wide open as they were waiting for their proctor for that day. An amazed gasp and a small laugh carried out to the hallway. “You’ve really never seen pointed ears before…? Of course they’re real, you dork.”

“Says the one who was amazed by red hair.” Daisy’s voice was so sweet and nice, but it wasn’t heard often because she was so reserved. It was nice to catch them having a conversation.

“Hey! I’m just saying, where I’m from, I’ve never seen it. Did you know only about two percent of the population are natural redheads?”

“Why do you have so much useless knowledge… And where I’m from I’ve never seen pointed ears, so, we’re even now.”

Kestrel scoffed quietly. “Well there are a lot of different races, you know. Tons of different people! I guess the more common ones would be like you, or Catherine, but there are humans that look different y’know, people with ‘weird fake ears’.” She threw a pointed, but joking look in Daisy’s direction with a chuckle. “I’ve heard rumors… there are even half-animal half-humans out there!”

Daisy rolled her eyes and shook her head, but Kestrel kept talking. “No, I’ve really heard that. I believe it too, we’ve been so isolated and now we are stuck here… but one day we’ll go out and see everything in this world.” Kestrel seemed very determined with those final words, and Daisy started to admire the other child as the days passed.

Soon the two were inseparable. It was odd, seeing such an overbearing child with a quiet reserved one all the time, but they seemed to even each other out. Daisy started to love hearing all the things Kestrel would talk about: from pointless facts, to lands that are far, far away, to tactics that she didn’t quite understand but listened anyways. The Archer’s excited confidence seemed to spread over to protect her shy friend as well, when they were together. When the days got rough, they’d always push each other through somehow.

Catherine always thought it was funny, considering their first encounter. She often liked to look back and recall that day fondly as she watched them grow up.


You changed your profile picture , that’s actually made me focus on kestrel more than alpha , because I assume your main character is kestrel , I liked it , well I think it would be cool if we see the new hero and his relation with koshka , as we saw Samuel with reim , the same here with Catherine , kestrel and daisy .

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Nice idea! New champ reminds me of Glaive but Koshka is a good one too~ (Any of the animalistic champions really. Maybe he can be an elder to them all, lol) I might have to delve into their lore real deep and try to think up some cool background stories and something I can write about. I love really getting deep in and seeing the relationships I.e the stormguards daily life here and how V did with the twins and ardan and julia. I’ll keep it in mind :+1:t2:

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Again, love it. A small critique, I’m not sure you’ve hit Catherine’s character correctly, but I have to say Alpha and Kestrel are both perfect. I just feel Catherine wouldn’t care that much, and would never call off training early.

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I glad you liked it! I accept the critique too, you may be right… I always like to try remember that Catherine is indeed a human too, and not always playing the role of having to be a strong ruthless captain. In the canon lore we see her care much about other people and even cry and show strong emotions and care, and again these are children and I feel she can be very sympathetic. (Think about how she treated children Vox and Celeste,) But she definitely wouldn’t do that for a group of training adults. :joy: But if you feel I was too soft for her I will try to remember that in the future! Readers POV are more important!